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Masson extends Eurocup-3 lead with Estoril win

by Ida Wood

Photo: Eurocup-3

Campos Racing’s Esteban Masson extended his Eurocup-3 points lead with victory at Estoril.

MP Motorsport’s Mari Boya was fastest in the first free practice session, a 1m34.963s putting him 0.056 seconds ahead of team-mate Bruno del Pino in second place. Campos Racing’s Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak was 0.1s behind in third, and his team-mate Masson was the slowest driver of all as he was 6.51s off the pace in 17th place.

Boya was on top again in FP2, setting a 1m35.001s to lead by Inthraphuvasak by 0.022s. Masso showed his true pace, going 0.115s slower than Boya in third, and del Pino was fourth. Palou Motorsport’s Jorge Campos was unable to set a representative laptime in the session.

Masson went even faster in qualifying, taking pole with a 1m34.869s lap. Boya could not match his pace from earlier in the day, qualifying 0.638s off the pace in fourth and behind Campos’s Francesco Braschi and Sebastian Ogaard. Drivex School’s Nick Gilkes and Inthraphuvasak were within 0.04s of him.

The FP1 struggles were a distant memory for Masson by the end of race one, as he claimed his fifth win of 2023 by 6.357s.

Braschi was similarly unrivalled in second, whiole Ogaard had to resist attacks from Boya for third on lap seven, then keep him at bay through lap nine before going too aggressively to the inside down the pit straight on lap 11 and enabling Boya to easily sweep past on the outside before turn one.

Gilkes was pressuring Ogaard by the end of the 20-lapper, and Jose Garfias was a lonely sixth.

Miron Pingasov finished seventh, passing Suleiman Zanfari on lap three and then Dario Cabanelas on lap 16 to get into the position. Cabenelas conceded his position with an unforced error that sent him off track, and at the start of the next lap he lost eighth to del Pino.

Zanfari had fallen behind del Pino on lap six, then behind Inthraphuvasak – whose attempted lap one pass on Gilkes dropped him to 10th – on lap seven and behind Daniel Nogales on lap 10 to eventually finish 12th.

Race result (20 laps)
Pos Driver Team Gap
1 Esteban Masson Campos Racing 32m04.132s
2 Francesco Braschi Campos Racing +6.357s
3 Mari Boya MP Motorsport +12.592s
4 Sebastian Ogaard MP Motorsport +18.307s
5 Nick Gilkes Drivex School +18.898s
6 Jose Garfias MP Motorsport +21.754s
7 Miron Pingasov Palou Motorsport +26.005s
8 Bruno del Pino MP Motorsport +28.674s
9 Dario Cabanelas Sainteloc Racing +30.984s
10 Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak Campos Racing +36.120s
11 Daniel Nogales Drivex School +38.709s
12 Suleiman Zanfari Campos Racing +40.861s
13 Javier Sagrera Palou Motorsport +43.357s
14 Emmo Fittipaldi GRS +57.064s
15 Daniel Mavlyutov GRS +1m08.635s
16 Jorge Campos Palou Motorsport +1m10.164s
17 Sebastian Gravlund MP Motorsport +1m24.519s
Pole: Masson, 1m34.869s   Fastest lap: Masson, 1m35.174s

Championship standings
1 Masson 179   2 Ogaard 156   3 Boya 147   4 Braschi 132   5 Garfias 97   6 Sagrera 81   7 Inthraphuvasak 72   8 del Pino 65   9 Nikola Tsolov 42   10 Zanfari 37