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Lorens Lecertua leads at Ledenon in French F4 practice

by Ida Wood

Photo: Ida Wood

Lorens Lecertua set the pace in French Formula 4 practice at Ledenon in a twice red-flagged session.

The Belgian didn’t appear in first place until late on in the half-hour Friday morning session, with Elliott Vayron establishing the early place but then dropping down the order.

Championship leader Hugh Barter was next to the top of the times ahead of Lecertua, then Dario Cabanelas moved into first place just before the red flags came out as he set a 1m36.148s lap.

There was still plenty of pace to be found once track action resumed, and Enzo Geraci immediately knocked three seconds off Cabanelas’s benchmark.

Alessandro Giusti then bettered him, breaking into the 1m32s, then Lecertua became the first driver to get into the 1m31s with 10 minutes of practice to still go.

Honda junior Yuto Nomura rose into second place at the same time, 0.259 seconds slower than Lecertua, and from then on there was no change to the order at the top as another red flag interruption came courtesy of Jeronimo Berrio.

Free practice results
Pos Driver Time Gap Laps
1 Lorens Lecertua 1m31.801s 12
2 Yuto Nomura 1m32.060s +0.259s 12
3 Alessandro Giusti 1m32.106s +0.305s 12
4 Enzo Richer 1m32.188s +0.387s 13
5 Enzo Geraci 1m32.206s +0.405s 13
6 Edgar Pierre 1m32.390s +0.589s 12
7 Enzo Peugeot 1m32.568s +0.767s 12
8 Max Reis 1m32.600s +0.799s 8
9 Jeronimo Berrio 1m32.622s +0.821s 11
10 Souta Arao 1m32.736s +0.935s 12
11 Valentino Mini 1m32.856s +1.055s 10
12 Dario Cabanelas 1m33.052s +1.251s 12
13 Leny Reveillere 1m33.345s +1.544s 12
14 Pablo Sarrazin 1m33.573s +1.772s 12
15 Pol Lopez 1m34.104s +2.303s 12
16 Pierre-Alexandre Provost 1m34.313s +2.512s 12
17 Mateo Villagomez 1m34.974s +3.173s 12
18 Hugh Barter 1m36.160s +4.359s 12
19 Antoine Fernande 1m36.855s +5.054s 12
20 Elliott Vayron 1m37.219s +5.418s 12
21 Louis Pelet 1m39.313s +7.512s 12
22 Romain Andriolo 1m39.881s +8.080s 12