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Logan Sargeant secures first British Formula 4 win in Rockingham finale

by Ida Wood

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Logan Sargeant finally took his first British Formula 4 win in the third race at Rockingham, and closed in on second place in the standings in the process.

The American only looked challenged right at the start, where the wide Turn 1 made it look like he could drop down to fourth after strong starts from those behind him.

Once the cars reached the narrow Deene Hairpin though it was clear he was comfortably still in the lead and from there he pulled away to his first triumph.

Oliver York took his seventh podium of the season in second, ahead of championship leader Jamie Caroline, Arden?s Ayrton Simmons and race one winner Linus Lundqvist.

The battle for sixth place and the Challenge Cup victory was a close one, with Olli Caldwell holding off Hampus Ericsson despite electrical problems meaning he had no dash on his steering wheel. The problems got worse though and his car got stuck in second gear; putting him out of the race and handing the position and class win to Ericsson.

Alex Quinn finished seventh, with Manuel Sulaiman finishing a joint career best eighth place, and Sam Smelt and an ill Patrik Pasma rounding out the points.

Oscar Piastri continued the bad fortune that struck his races one and two with an early clash with Lundqvist and then a race ending engine problem.

He now lies 74.5 points behind Caroline in the standings, meaning the Carlin driver will wrap the title up at Silverstone if he outscores Piastri.

Race 3 Results (15 laps)
1 Logan Sargeant Carlin 20m13.252s
2 Oliver York Fortec +3.235s
3 Jamie Caroline Carlin +3.935s
4 Ayrton Simmons Arden +6.114s
5 Linus Lundqvist Double R +6.612s
6 Hampus Ericsson Fortec +9.206s
7 Alex Quinn Arden +10.221s
8 Manuel Sulaiman JHR +15.358s
9 Sam Smelt GW Motorsport +16.195s
10 Patrik Pasma Carlin +18.729s
11 Jamie Sharp Sharp +19.663s
12 Lucas Alecco Roy Carlin +23.065s
13 Lucca Allen Falcon +29.621s
Ret Olli Caldwell Arden
Ret Karl Massaad Double R
Ret Oscar Piastri Arden
Fastest Lap: Caroline, 1m19.961s

Championship Standings
1 Caroline 364 ??2 Piastri 289.5 ??3 Sargeant 283 ??4 Quinn 255 ??5 Lundqvist 239.5 ??6 York 215.5 ??7 Simmons 206.5 ??8 Pasma 142.5 ??9 Webb 68 ??10 Massaad 66