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Irfan takes maiden British F4 victory at Silverstone

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Josh Irfan claimed his maiden British Formula 4 victory in a dominant performance at Silverstone. 

The Rodin Carlin driver jumped into the lead off the line and was unstoppable throughout the 10-lap race. 

In the final two laps, William Macintyre began to close the gap to Irfan, but could only get to 0.416 seconds behind before the chequered flag. 

It was an incident-free first race on Silverstone’s full Grand Prix layout for the series, once the race got underway. However, the start was delayed due to an issue on the grid for Kanato Le and Isaac Barashi, both of who to start from the pitlane. 

James Higgins, who started second on the grid behind Macintyre, got a good start once the race got underway, but it was Irfan who emerged on top.  

He pulled away from Macinytre, who blamed the aborted first start for causing his clutch to overheat and slow down his getaway second time around, as he led the four-car fight for second.

Macintyre had James Piszyck, Deagen Fairclough and Higgins close behind, and his defences enabled Irfan to break away and build a lead of 1.6s up front.

Daniel Guinchard joined the fight for second midway through the race, but the order wouldn’t change.  

Macintyre finished 0.8s ahead of Piszyck, and Fairclough was fourth on-the-road but a five-second penalty for exceeding track limits dropped him to sixth behind Higgins and Guinchard.  

Sonny Smith was handed a five-second penalty for the same reason and dropped from 17th to 19th. 

Noah Lisle spent the entire race defending against Gustav Jonsson for sixth. The battle led to a train of drivers forming behind Lisle by the end of the race, but he held on to his position. 

Patrick Heuzenroeder and Mika Abrahams completed the top 10. 

Pre-race points leader Louis Sharp could only finish 12th, which means second place was enough for Macintyre to move to the top of the championship standings.

Race results (10 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Josh Irfan Carlin 20m36.978s
2 William Macintyre Hitech GP +0.416s
3 James Piszcyk Hitech GP +1.286s
4 James Higgins Fortec Motorsports +2.344s
5 Daniel Guinchard Chris Dittmann Racing +3.954s
6 Deagen Fairclough JHR Developments +6.722s
7 Noah Lisle Carlin +7.472s
8 Gustav Jonsson Chris Dittmann Racing +8.120s
9 Patrick Heuzenroeder Argenti Motorsport +9.373s
10 Mika Abrahams Fortec Motorsports +10.004s
11 Dion Gowda Carlin +10.955s
12 Louis Sharp Carlin +11.710s
13 Jack Sherwood Chris Dittmann Racing +14.196s
14 Aqil Alibhai Virtuosi Racing +14.693s
15 Kanato Le Hitech GP +15.387s
16 Douwe Dedecker Virtuosi Racing +16.306s
17 Kai Daryanani Virtuosi Racing +20.850s
18 Jaden Pariat Argenti Motorsport +21.225s
19 Sonny Smith JHR Developments +25.692s
20 Gabriel Stilp Hitech GP +41.893s
Ret Isaac Barashi Argenti Motorsport
Fastest lap: Stilp, 2m02.423s

Championship standings
1 Macintyre 174   2 Sharp 161   3 Gowda 141   4 Le 134   5 Higgins 117   6 Fairclough 112   7 Piszcyk 104   8 Lisle 104   9 Guinchard 95   10 Alibhai 92