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Indy Lights leader Lundqvist wins again in Detroit

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: Chris Owens

Linus Lunqvist made it a perfect weekend in Detroit as he won the second Indy Lights race of the weekend from pole.

As in race one, Lundqvist was untouchable throughout the 30-lap encounter and finished almost four seconds clear of the rest of the field to extend his points lead.

Two safety car periods disrupted running, putting Hunter McElrea back onto Lundqvist’s tail after the race leader pulled out a gap of more than five seconds. But after the restart Lundqvist pulled away again.

McElrea had nade a good start on the grid to jump past String Ray Robb into second, and then spent the first half of the race with Christian Rasmussen and Robb close behind.

The battle for second was paused when Christian Bogle hit the wall at Turn 13 on lap nine, and on the restart McElrea was able to break away from those behind, leaving Rasmussen to defend against Robb and Matthew Brabham. He was in a race of his own for a number of laps before Rasmussen hit the wall at turn five, damaging his front wing and stopping on track.

That caused the second safety car period and provided McElrea’s second opportunity to stick with Lundqvist, but when racing resumed with nine laps to go he instead was stuck with Robb in his mirrors and beat him to second by 0.312s.

Brabham steered clear of trouble to take fourth ahead of Danial Frost, who spent the closing stages of the race battling to keep Benjamin Pedersen behind him. The two made slight contact on one occasion, which almost allowed Kyffin Simpson to come through and take sixth from Pedersen, but Pedersen held onto the position.

Jacob Abel had been part of the battle until the final portion of the race when a mechanical problem forced him into the pits.

Antonio Serravalle took eighth ahead of James Roe Jr and Ernie Francis Jr, who span late on but was able to finish.

Race result (25 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Linus Lundqvist HMD Motorsports 44m47.6446s
2 Hunter McElrea Andretti Autosport +3.7005s
3 Sting Ray Robb Andretti Autosport +4.0130s
4 Matthew Brabham Andretti Autosport +5.4745s
5 Danial Frost HMD Motorsports +11.4373s
6 Benjamin Pedersen Global Racing Group with HMD +12.1261s
7 Kyffin Simpson TJ Speed +12.2142s
8 Antonio Serrvalle HMD Motorsports +24.8361s
9 James Roe Jr TJ Speed +25.7713s
10 Ernie Francis Jr Force Indy +1m00.3121s
11 Ryan Phinny Abel Motorsports +1 lap
Ret Jacob Abel Abel Motorsports
Ret Christian Rasmussen Andretti Autosport
Ret Christian Bogle Abel Motorsports
Fastest lap: Lundqvist, 1m21.6294s

Championship standings
Lundqvist 283   2 Pedersen 199   3 Frost 191   4 Robb 191  5 Brabham 186   6 McElrea 163   7 Rasmussen 147   8 Simpson 147   9 Serravalle 145   10 Abel 136