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Hubert outqualifies the rest of the field at Spa

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

Anthoine Hubert continued his spectacularly strong run of qualifying performances, taking his fourth and fifth poles of the French F4 season during the Spa-Francorchamps shootout.

The Frenchman set two laps that went unmatched by anyone else and will start races one and three from first on the grid. 15-year-old Swiss driver Felix Hirsiger will accompany him on the front row for both races, while Matevoos Isaakyan secured two third-place starts.

Remy Deguffroy and Simo Muhonen have both secured a fourth place?and a fifth place on the grid for the two races.

Race grids
Pos. Race 1 Pos. Race 3
1 Anthoine Hubert 1 Anthoine Hubert
2 Felix Hirsiger 2 Felix Hirsiger
3 Matevos Isaakyan 3 Matevos Isaakyan
4 Simo Muhonen 4 Remy Deguffroy
5 Remy Deguffroy 5 Simo Muhonen
6 Dennis Anoschin 6 Severin Amweg
7 Jules Gounon 7 Dennis Anoschin
8 Tom le Coq 8 Kang Ling
9 Neal Van Vaerenbergh 9 Jules Gounon
10 Severin Amweg 10 Tom le Coq
11 Tristan Viidas 11 Neal Van Vaerenbergh
12 Kirill Karpov 12 Tristan Viidas
13 Amaury Rossero 13 Kirill Karpov
14 Kang Ling 14 Amaury Rossero
15 Lucile Cypriano 15 Ivan Kostyukov
16 Ivan Kostyukov 16 Lucile Cypriano
17 Amaury Richard 17 Amaury Richard
18 Marco de Peretti 18 Marco de Peretti
19 Sidhant Panda 19 Sidhant Panda
20 Florian Pottier 20 Florian Pottier