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Harrison Scott takes another Silverstone Euroformula Open pole

by Ida Wood


Harrison Scott continued his run of topping every session at Silverstone with a second pole of the weekend in race two qualifying.

The Euroformula Open championship leader was one of the last to set a time during the first runs on scrubbed tyres, and the time he set there was not beaten until the final few minutes of the session.

The Englishman responded immediately when it was, putting in a lap over 1.4 seconds faster than championship rival Nikita Troitskiy.

In the final minute those behind Scott improved, and Carlin?s Devlin DeFrancesco got within 1.1 seconds of the pole-setting time to take the other front row spot.

Scott?s RP Motorsport team-mate Alex Karkosik was third, a further one-and-a-half tenths back, with Fortec?s Jannes Fittje also setting a time faster than Troitskiy to take fourth.

Early pacesetter Matheus Iorio was sixth, ahead of Campos Racing team-mate Thiago Vivacqua, BRDC British F3 converts Ben Hingeley and Cameron Das, and Petru Florescu.

The ban on tyre warming caught out one driver, with Tarun Reddy being called to the pits for committing the offence and qualifying down in 14th.

Qualifying 2 Results
1 Harrison Scott RP Motorsport 1m51.880s
2 Devlin DeFrancesco Carlin +1.062s
3 Alex Karkosik RP Motorsport +1.228s
4 Jannes Fittje Fortec +1.272s
5 Nikita Troitskiy Drivex +1.401s
6 Matheus Iorio Campos +1.437s
7 Thiago Vivacqua Campos +1.473s
8 Ben Hingeley Fortec +1.494s
9 Cameron Das Campos +1.636s
10 Petry Florescu Fortec +1.696s
11 Ameya Vaidyanathan Carlin +1.764s
12 Simo Laaksonen Campos +1.829s
13 Lodovico Laurini RP Motorsport +1.843s
14 Tarun Reddy Drivex +2.019s
15 Eliseo Martinez Teo Martin +2.157s
16 Christian Hahn Drivex +2.236s
17 Pedro Cardoso Teo Martin +2.248s
18 Guilherme Samaia Carlin +2.399s