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Harrison Scott completes dominant Silverstone Euroformula Open double

by Ida Wood


Harrison Scott and Devlin DeFrancesco repeated their one-two result in the second Euroformula Open race at Silverstone.

Although Scott?s margin of victory was not as large as it was the day before, it was still a composed drive for the championship leader.

Rain clouds loomed overhead throughout the race, occasionally spitting but never seriously dampening the track surface.

Euroformula Open?s ban on tyre warming meant the track was still slippy to drive on, and by the time the Michelin rubber was at optimum temperature it was already degrading for several drivers.

Scott was unfazed though, and he met the chequered flag first for the eighth time this season with 11 seconds to spare over DeFrancesco.

?Both wins, poles and fastest laps this weekend. Incredible team effort all round,? said the winner.

?[The race] was a lot more difficult than yesterday. There were higher winds, especially through Turn 1, it was a real strong crosswind which was making the car a little unstable.

?A few laps from the end there was a few spots of rain on the visor.?

Jannes Fittje made his second podium appearance of the season in third, ahead of Fortec team-mate Ben Hingeley and the struggling Nikita Troitskiy.

Hingeley?s car, which hasn’t raced since the first round at Estoril, required an ECU update prior to the race, after the team discovered why he had been consistently losing pace.

Alex Karkosik made a poor start from third and never recovered, ending the race in sixth.

Seventh went to Thiago Vivacqua, although it could’ve gone to either of his Campos team-mates Cameron Das and Matheus Iorio, who crashed into each other at Brooklands on the first lap.

Ameya Vaidyanathan was eighth, with Lodovico Laurini and Christian Hahn rounding out the points after Petru Florescu and Tarun Reddy crashed into one another on the final lap.

Simo Laaksonen struggled all race but in the end was only eight tenths off the points in eleventh, with Florescu finishing just behind him.

With six races to go there are still six drivers in title contention, although nobody would bet against Scott taking the championship trophy.

Race 2 Results (15 laps)
1 Harrison Scott RP Motorsport 28m36.706s
2 Devlin DeFrancesco Carlin +11.147s
3 Jannes Fittje Fortec +14.467s
4 Ben Hingeley Fortec +16.205s
5 Nikita Troitskiy Drivex +16.636s
6 Alex Karkosik RP Motorsport +17.640s
7 Thiago Vivacqua Campos +23.157s
8 Ameya Vaidyanathan Carlin +23.749s
9 Lodovico Laurini RP Motorsport +30.210s
10 Christian Hahn Drivex +31.236s
11 Simo Laaksonen Campos +32.007s
12 Petru Florescu Fortec +32.546s
13 Pedro Cardoso Teo Martin +35.147s
14 Elisio Martinez Teo Martin +35.404s
NC Tarun Reddy Drivex
16 Guilherme Samaia Carlin +5 laps
Ret Matheus Iorio Campos
Ret Cameron Das Campos
Fastest Lap: Scott, 1m53.573s

Championship Standings
1 Scott 229 2 Troitskiy 131 3 Vaidyanathan 110 4 DeFrancesco 93 5 Vivacqua 89 6 Fittje 82 7 Karkosik 50 8 Laaksonen 45 9 Florescu 40 10 Iorio 37