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Hans Villemi quickest in Imola free practice

by Luis Miguel Martinez


Having switched to the Prema Junior team ahead of the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps weekend at Imola, Estonian driver Hans Villemi has set the quickest time in overall practice during the third session.

The first practice session was run on a damp track and was affected by a red flag , which was brought out by Jakub Dalewski in the last minutes of the session. Another incident featured Francisco Mora, whose crash forced him to completely sit out practice two.

The fastest time was set by Russian driver Egor Orudzhev, followed by Dalewski, with championship leader Antonio Fuoco in third. His teammate and only potential title opponent Luca Ghiotto took fourth, while Villemi completed the top five.

Practice two was largely incident-free with Ghiotto topping the session, as Japanese Ukyo Sasahara beat Orudzhev by only 0.02s for second. Dario Capitanio was fourth while Alps rookie Matt Parry took fifth for Koiranen.

Estonian Villemi was the class of the field in session three, as he beat the opposition by more than two tenths. Orudzhev was second with Fuoco in third, while Parry and Ghiotto rounded out the top five.

Session results
Pos. Practice 1 Pos. Practice 2 Pos. Practice 3
1 Egor Orudzhev 1 Luca Ghiotto 1 Hans Villemi
2 Kuba Dalewski 2 Ukyo Sasahara 2 Egor Orudzhev
3 Antonio Fuoco 3 Egor Orudzhev 3 Antonio Fuoco
4 Luca Ghiotto 4 Dario Capitanio 4 Matt Parry
5 Hans Villemi 5 Matt Parry 5 Luca Ghiotto
6 Bruno Bonifacio 6 Gregor Ramsay 6 Kuba Dalewski
7 Kevin Jorg 7 Antonio Fuoco 7 Bruno Bonifacio
8 Alex Bosak 8 Kevin Jorg 8 Ukyo Sasahara
9 Nikita Zlobin 9 Konstantin Tereshchenko 9 Luke Chudleigh
10 Semen Evstigneev 10 Kuba Dalewski 10 Dario Capitanio
11 Konstantin Tereshchenko 11 Alex Bosak 11 Konstantin Tereshchenko
12 Tanart Sathienthirakul 12 Andrew Tang 12 Joffrey De Narda
13 Luke Chudleigh 13 ‘ARTA Engineering’ 13 Gregor Ramsay
14 Simon Gachet 14 Joffrey De Narda 14 Tanart Sathienthirakul
15 Andrew Tang 15 Luke Chudleigh 15 Andrew Tang
16 Daniele Cazzaniga 16 Tanart Sathienthirakul 16 Alex Bosak
17 ‘ARTA Engineering’ 17 Hans Villemi 17 Simon Gachet
18 Denis Korneev 18 Denis Korneev 18 Kevin Jorg
19 Danyil Pronenko 19 Parth Ghorpade 19 Dzhon Simonyan
20 Joffrey De Narda 20 Nikita Zlobin 20 Parth Ghorpade
21 Pietro Peccenini 21 Dzhon Simonyan 21 Semen Evstigneev
22 Matt Parry 22 Semen Evstigneev 22 Denis Korneev
23 Gregor Ramsay 23 Daniele Cazzaniga 23 Francisco Mora
24 Ukyo Sasahara 24 Simon Gachet 24 ‘ARTA Engineering’
25 Dario Capitanio 25 Danyil Pronenko 25 Daniele Cazzaniga
26 Parth Ghorpade 26 Bruno Bonifacio 26 Patric Armand
27 Patric Armand 27 Pietro Peccenini 27 Danyil Pronenko
28 Dzhon Simonyan 28 Patric Armand 28 Pietro Peccenini
29 Francisco Mora Francisco Mora 29 Nikita Zlobin