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Giusti tops French F4 practice session in Valencia

by Alejandro Alonso Lopez

Photo: KSP Reportages

Alessandro Giusti topped the times in a trouble-free French F4 practice session at Valencia’s Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

Representative laptimes wouldn’t be set until ten minutes into the session with Souta Arao clocking a lap of 1m37.059s.

Moments later, Giusti became the first driver to break the 1m37s barrier, going 0.082s faster than Arao. The Frenchman stayed on top of the charts for the most session as all drivers kept lowering their benchmarks.

Giusti was then followed into the 1m36s laps by Arao, Hugh Barter and Dario Cabanelas. Halfway through the session, Barter bettered Arao’s best effort up to that point to go second fastest, just under a tenth of a second off Giusti.

Barter went fastest with ten minutes remaining on the clock, but Giusti reclaimed the top spot shortly afterwards. Giusti’s laptime of 1m36.200s, only 19 thousands of a second faster than Barter’s best time, wouldn’t be lowered for the rest of the session.

Behind Giusti and Barter, Enzo Peugeot and Edgar Pierre moved up in the order and ahead of Arao with over five minutes to go to eventually finish in third and fourth place.

No one was able to improve upon his best effort in the remaining minutes of practice, which meant Romain Andriolo, Yuto Nomura, Pablo Sarrazin, Jeronimo Berrio and Pierre-Alexandre Provost completed the top 10.

Fourth in the championship, Elliott Vayron couldn’t make it into the top 10, finishing only 11th fastest.

Despite his good start to the session, Cabanelas wouldn’t improve his early laptime of 1m36.960s, and concluded practice down in 13th.

Practice results
Pos Driver Time Gap Laps
1 Alessando Giusti 1m36.200s 18
2 Hugh Barter 1m36.219s +0.019s 18
3 Enzo Peugeot 1m36.328s +0.128s 18
4 Edgar Pierre 1m36.388s +0.188s 16
5 Souta Arao 1m36.457s +0.257s 13
6 Romain Andriolo 1m36.540s +0.340s 18
7 Yuto Nomura 1m36.610s +0.410s 18
8 Pablo Sarrazin 1m36.772s +0.572s 18
9 Jeronimo Berrio 1m36.822s +0.622s 18
10 Elliott Vayron 1m36.874s +0.674s 17
11 Pierre-Alexandre Provost 1m36.878s +0.678s 18
12 Louis Pelet 1m36.910s +0.710s 18
13 Dario Cabanelas 1m36.960s +0.760s 18
14 Max Reis 1m36.962s +0.762s 14
15 Mateo Villagomez 1m37.000s +0.800s 18
16 Enzo Geraci 1m37.255s +1.055s 17
17 Leny Reveillere 1m37.356s +1.156s 15
18 Pol Lopez 1m37.382s +1.182s 18
19 Valentino Mini 1m37.431s +1.231s 18
20 Lorens Lecertua 1m37.651s +1.451s 18
21 Antoine Fernande 1m37.989s +1.789s 16
22 Enzo Richer 1m38.157s +1.957s 12