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Gael Julien recovers from poor start to take maiden French F4 win

by Craig Woollard

Photo: Ida Wood

Gael Julien didn’t get an ideal start from pole but was still able to take his first win in French Formula 4 at Ledenon.

Julien was leapfrogged by Maceo Capietto at the start of the final race of the weekend but was able to keep with him in the early stages of the race.

Capietto’s pace wasn’t stellar, and Julien therefore could work his way back paqst. Shortly after, Hugh Barter got by Owen Tangavelou for third place.

Julien’s pace was superior throughout and he opened up a five second lead as the 20-minute race progressed to dominate for his first series win.

Capietto held on for second after sustained pressure from Barter, with Tangavelou taking fourth.

Championship leader Esteban Masson had to work his way up the order to gain positions, applying plenty of pressure on Daniel Ligier before he was able to work his way past for fifth. His lead over Capietto now stands at 26 points.

Ligier took sixth, ahead of Alessandro Giusti, Dario Cabanelas, Enzo Geraci and Pablo Sarrazin who was contesting his debut weekend in car racing.

Noah Andy, reversed grid race winner Pierre-Alexandre Provost, Sarrazin’s fellow debutant Paul Trojani and Angelina Favario concluded the order.

Race results (16 laps)
Pos Driver Time
1 Gael Julien 22m05.744s
2 Maceo Capietto +5.678s
3 Hugh Barter +6.018s
4 Owen Tangavelou +7.557s
5 Esteban Masson +11.433s
6 Daniel Ligier +15.380s
7 Alessandro Giusti +15.812s
8 Dario Cabanelas +17.149s
9 Enzo Geraci +20.331s
10 Pablo Sarrazin +20.786s
11 Noah Andy +21.406s
12 Pierre-Alexandre Provost +21.906s
13 Paul Trojani +24.913s
14 Angelina Favario +48.624s
Fastest lap: Julien, 1m22.068s

Championship standings
Masson 181   2 Capietto 155   3 Barter 139   4 Ligier 111   5 Julien 104   6 Tangavelou 94   7 Giusti 74   8 Cabanelas 67   9 Geraci 31   10 Aiden Neate 30