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Foster comes back from crash to win Walter Hayes Progression Race

by Rachel Harris-Gardiner

Joey Foster won the Walter Hayes Trophy Progression Race to take his place in the Last Chance Race and keep his overall victory hopes at Silverstone alive.

The three-time event winner’s Firman RFR20 was badly damaged in a crash in his heat on Saturday, and his non-finish put him 20th on the grid for the 10-lap Progression Race.

He was into the top ten by the end of the opening lap and had leapfrogged to fifth after lap two. The Don Hardman Racing driver held a safe second until problems for Adam Higgins meant he was able to take the lead and he pulled away by an astonishing 13.891 seconds in the remaining laps.

Higgins had got a great start on a wet track, leading by a good distance after the opening laps. The Riadro Motorsport driver’s Firman RFR16 was making some alarming noises by the end of the race, making his drop of time to Foster, Joe Porter and Will Everington more understandable.

Everington had started from pole and kept his lead for a lap or two but was passed by the charging Higgins.

Souley Motorsport’s Leanne McShane was fifth, with a handy gap to Wayne Poole Racing’s James Colborn. Colin Turner started on the front row and briefly led, but ended up finishing in seventh and just ahead of Neil Broome.

Tim Brise’s Merlyn was the first Pre-’82 car home in 16th place, and the last driver to make it through to the Last Chance Race. Foster’s win puts him 21st on the grid for the next race of the weekend.

Race results (10 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Joey Foster Don Hardman Racing 12m09.833s
2 Joe Porter Porter Motorsport +13.891s
3 Adam Higgins Riadro Motorsport +17.036s
4 Will Everington +20.453s
5 Leanne McShane Souley Motorsport +26.749s
6 James Colborn Wayne Poole Racing +33.756s
7 Colin Turner +46.122s
8 Neil Broome +46.381s
9 Kenneth Finneran +54.465s
10 Graham Woodin +55.586s
11 Peter Daly +57.614s
12 Mark De Rozarieux Souley Motorsport +1m11.547s
13 David Billington +1m13.667s
14 Stephen Bracegirdle +1m14.760s
15 Bob Hawkins Springbridge Motorsport +1m15.484s
16 Tim Brise +1m21.411s
17 Christpher Perkins +1 lap
18 Rudolf Ernst +1 lap
19 Jeremy Caine +1 lap
20 John Evans +1 lap
21 Phil Hart +1 lap
Ret Chris Porritt
Ret David Squire
Fastest lap: Foster, 1m10.828s