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Flack fastest in Spanish F4 testing at Barcelona

by Ida Wood

Photo: Gavin Baker Photography

Marcos Flack set the pace for Global Racing Service in Spanish Formula 4’s two-day in-season test at Barcleona this week.

An entry list of 33 cars meant the test was split into two groups of drivers, with Group A heading on track first on Tuesday.

Championship leader Nikola Tsolov topped the opening session by 0.154 seconds with a 1m48.442 lap, and Campos Racing team-mate Manuel Espirito Santo was second fastest.

There were several drivers not usually seen racing in the series, with Monlau Motorsport running Mateo De Palo, Formula de Campeones fielding Danish F4 leader Julius Dinesen and Eric Gene (who did not set any laps until Wednesday and drove an old first-generation F4 car) and last year’s Danish F4 runner-up Noah Stromsted continuing to rack up mileage with Campos Racing ahead of a Spanish F4 debut that is widely expected but yet to be confirmed.

Flack lowered the pace when Group B took to the track, setting a 1m48.106s that put him 0.063s ahead of Drivex School’s Bruno del Pino. Cram Motorsport turned up in this session with its Italian F4 regular Georgios Markogiannis, GRS ran British F4 rookie Michael Shin and both Drivex and GRS ran Formula Regional chassis, the latter for Emely de Heus.

The second session of Tuesday morning would end up being the fastest for many in both groups, and Stromsted pipped Tsolov to top spot by 0.038s as he broke into the 1m47s. Group B could not match that pace, and Valerio Rinicella led MP Motorsport team-mate Timoteusz Kucharzcyk by 0.119s in their session.

Tsolov topped both of Group A’s afternoon sessions, heading Stromsted the first time and team-mate Hugh Barter in the second by 0.581s. Sainteloc Racing’s Theophile Nael and Theodore Jensen were the only improvers, while MP’s Kirill Smal and GRS’s Daniel Mavlyutov were the only improvers in Group B where the two sessions were narrowly topped by Flack and Smal.

Group B were first out on Wednesday, and Flack immediately lowered the pace to 1m45.878s. It put him 0.665s clear of Cram’s Ricardo Escotto, the only other driver to find a laptime gain, and Drivex added Patri Mas to its line-up.

Tsolov was fastest in all of Group A’s sessions, and his closest effort to Flack’s benchmark came in his second session of the day but still left him 1.737s back.

JHR Developments’ British F4 driver Joseph Loake was second to him at the start of the day and top improver, then Tsolov and Formula de Campeones’ Alvaro Garcia were alone in finding more pace in session six.

Kucharczyk lifted himself to 10th overall by topping two of Group B’s sessions, both of which Drivex’s Gael Julien failed to record any laps in. His team-mates Daniel Nogales and del Pino were one-two in session eight, which Espirito Santo and Stromsted did not record any laps in with their group.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Marcos Flack GRS 1m45.878s 135
2 Ricardo Escotto Cram Motorsport 1m46.543s +0.665s 137
3 Nikola Tsolov Campos Racing 1m47.615s +1.737s 121
4 Noah Stromsted Campos Racing 1m47.674s +1.796s 107
5 Valerio Rinicella MP Motorsport 1m47.985s +2.107s 134
6 Georg Kelstrup Campos Racing 1m48.004s +2.126s 124
7 Filip Jenic Campos Racing 1m48.013s +2.135s 112
8 Robert de Haan Monlau Motorsport 1m48.058s +2.180s 99
9 Hugh Barter Campos Racing 1m48.069s +2.191s 124
10 Timoteusz Kucharczyk MP Motorsport 1m48.079s +2.201s 124
11 Manuel Espirito Santo Campos Racing 1m48.149s +2.271s 106
12 Bruno del Pino Drivex School 1m48.169s +2.291s 127
13 Kirill Smal MP Motorsport 1m48.189s +2.311s 127
14 Christian Ho MP Motorsport 1m48.221s +2.343s 126
15 Daniel Nogales Drivex School 1m48.326s +2.448s 133
16 Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak MP Motorsport 1m48.399s +2.521s 107
17 Miron Pingasov MP Motorsport 1m48.406s +2.528s 121
18 Max Mayer Formula de Campeones 1m48.441s +2.563s 120
19 Theophile Nael Sainteloc Racing 1m48.453s +2.575s 152
20 Mateo De Palo Monlau Motorsport 1m48.469s +2.591s 134
21 Sebastian Gravlund MP Motorsport 1m48.618s +2.740s 130
22 Gael Julien Drivex School 1m48.705s +2.827s 63
23 Joseph Loake JHR Devleopments 1m48.720s +2.842s 134
24 Julius Dinesen Formula de Campeones 1m48.813s +2.935s 135
25 Georgios Markogiannis Cram Motorsport 1m49.167s +3.289s 137
26 Alvaro Garcia Formula de Campeones 1m49.189s +3.311s 116
27 Jef Machiels Monlau Motorsport 1m49.270s +3.392s 97
28 Michael Shin GRS 1m49.392s +3.514s 144
29 Noah Lisle JHR Developments 1m49.544s +3.666s 125
30 Eric Gene Formula de Campeones 1m50.000s +4.122s 73
31 Theodor Jensen Sainteloc Racing 1m50.150s +4.272s 161
32 Daniel Mavlyutov GRS 1m50.615s +4.737s 134
33 Patri Mas Drivex School 1m56.502s +10.624s 67