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FIA extends superlicence points-scoring period to four years

by Ida Wood

The FIA Safety Commission has decided in the latest meeting of the World Motorsport Council that the eligibility criteria for collecting FIA superlicence points will be extended to four years.

A total of 40 superlicence points in qualifying series across a three year period is currently required for a driver to successfully apply for a FIA superlicence, which is a necessity to drive in Formula 1.

Throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic there has been uncertainty on how junior single-seater series’ superlicence points eligibility has been affected by reduced calendars and entry lists.

Last month, the FIA Super Licence Working Group revealed it was investigating measures to ensure the system remained ‘fair’ in light on the unforseen effects of the pandemic.

The two key changes that will now be put in place as a result of this is an extension of the duration of time drivers can accumulate points when applying for the licence, and an appeal system for drivers who did not gather 40 points for “circumstances outside of their control”.

The FIA statement released after the October meeting of the WMSC read: “Appendix L – Chapter 1 ‘FIA International Drivers’ Licences’ – Article 5 ‘Qualification and conditions of issue for the Super Licence’ has been amended to provide an update on eligibility criteria.

“In the wake of the current global situation, the window in which drivers will be allowed to score superlicence points has been extended from three to four years. The highest number of points accumulated in any three years of a four-year period that includes 2020 will be taken into account.

“Drivers who did not gather the required 40 Super Licence points due to circumstances out of their control or reasons of force majeure will have the opportunity for their case to be considered by the FIA.

“Drivers must have scored a minimum of 30 points and consistently demonstrated outstanding driving ability in single-seater cars to be able to apply under this new regulation.”

The meeting also covered the cancellation of this year’s FIA Formula 3 World Cup in Macau, which has had its grand prix slot taken by Chinese Formula 4, and plans to keep F3’s most prestigious trophy continuing into 2021.

While the intention of this would be a return of FIA F3 cars to Macau next year after racing there in 2019, Formula Scout has heard paddock rumours in Europe that suggest teams from the rival F3-level series Euroformula and Super Formula Lights series are interested in also racing on the street circuit in the future.