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Dunner drives through storm to win Euroformula’s first Mugello race

by Ida Wood

Photo: Fotospeedy

Lukas Dunner held off pressure from behind in treacherous conditions to win Euroformula’s first ever race at Mugello.

The race started behind the safety car due to the lack of visibility in the heavy rain, and when the field was released on lap three of 17 (reduced from 19 due to time limits) it was Dunner who led the field away from pole.

While Dunner watched Van Amersfoort Racing’s Andreas Estner in his mirrors in the opening laps of action, Carlin’s debuting Ben Barnicoat moved past team-mate Ido Cohen for fifth and set about hunting down Dunner’s points-leading CryptoTower team-mate Yifie Ye for fourth.

It took him two laps to do that, and he then joined a podium battle that lasted much of the race. Barnicoat seemed the most comfortable in the spray, but for a long time could not find a way to pass Motopark’s Niklas Krutten for third despite often getting his nose in into corners.

Eventually Krutten ran off track and conceded the place, and Barnicoat immediately closed onto the back of Estner. Once he started pressuring for second place, that enabled Dunner to pull away in the lead and the Austrian took his third win in a row.

Barnicoat faced the same problem trying to pass Estner in the wet, and ended up rounding out the podium on his second single-seater return of the year.

Krutten dropped back after his off in fourth, but was 10s clear of Ye behind.

Cohen challenged Ye for much of the race but ended up coming under pressure from Drivex School’s Glenn van Berlo late on, and the pair ended up colliding after the chequered flag.

Zane Maloney finished eighth in the third Carlin car, while VAR’s Alexandre Bardinon conceded ninth to Motopark’s Cameron Das with an off.

Race results (17 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Lukas Dunner CryptoTower 35m41.931s
2 Andreas Estner Van Amersfoort Racing +2.046s
3 Ben Barnicoat Carlin +2.755s
4 Niklas Krutten Motopark +5.387s
5 Yifei Ye CryptoTower +15.200s
6 Ido Cohen Carlin +17.314s
7 Glenn van Berlo Drivex School +18.240s
8 Zane Maloney Carlin +24.820s
9 Cameron Das Carlin +31.259s
10 Alexandre Bardinon Van Amersfoort Racing +35.024s
11 Manuel Maldonado Motopark +40.274s
12 Sebastian Estner Van Amersfoort Racing +41.900s
13 Rui Andrade CryptoTower +1 lap
Fastest lap: S Estner, 2m00.677s

Championship standings
1 Ye 229   2 Dunner 136   3 A Estner 115   4 Krutten 99   5 Maldonado 73   6 Maloney 71   7 Cohen 68   8 Ayrton Simmons 62   9 S Estner 57   10 van Berlo 37