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Drugovich closes on all-time wins record in Euroformula Open finale

by Ida Wood

Photo: Fotospeedy

Felipe Drugovich moved into second in the all-time winners list with his 15th Euroformula Open win in the final race of the season at Barcelona.

The RP Motorsport driver was beaten to pole by Teo Martin Motorsport’s Bent Viscaal, but a poor start for the Dutchman handed Drugovich an immediate lead.

On the third lap a collision between Kaylen Frederick and Matheus Iorio left the ladder in the gravel at the uphill Turn 8, causing the first safety car of the race.

Drugovich hadn’t built up much of a lead at that point, and had only built a gap of 1.2 seconds before a second safety car was required in the final third of the race when Lukas Dunner stopped at Turn 12.

Racing resumed with three laps to go, and Drugovich kept Viscaal at bay once again to move just two wins behind Borja Garcia in the record books.

Marcos Siebert failed to benefit from Viscaal’s poor start, and the Campos Racing driver spent the entirety of the race in third. The retirement of Iorio meant he secured third in the standings, while Iorio lost third in the Spanish Formula 3 standings to Carlin team-mate Cameron Das.

On the first lap Iorio and Das had banged wheels twice through Turns 8 and 9, with Das falling to the back of the order. He fought his way back up the order, eventually finishing fifth behind RP Motorsport’s David Schumacher, who jumped to sixth in the Spanish standings.

Guilherme Samaia finished sixth, ahead of Aldo Festante, Javier Gonzalez, Fredick and Dev Gore. Patrick Schott fell out of the points late on as the result of an off at Turn 4.

Both Alessandro Bracalante and Brad Benavides made trips to the pits, finishing several laps down.


Race results (19 laps)
Pos Name Team Time
1 Felipe Drugovich RP Motorsport 36m11.462s
2 Bent Viscaal Teo Martin Motorsport +0.933s
3 Marcos Siebert Campos Racing +4.704s
4 David Schumacher RP Motorsport +5.435s
5 Cameron Das Carlin +6.009s
6 Guilherme Samaia RP Motorsport +7.536s
7 Aldo Festante Teo Martin Motorsport +9.307s
8 Javier Gonzalez Drivex School +9.564s
9 Kaylen Frederick RP Motorsport +10.957s
10 Dev Gore Carlin +12.541s
11 Patrick Schott Drivex School +15.509s
12 Alssandro Bracalente RP Motorsport +1 lap
13 Brad Benavides Campos Racing +2 laps
Ret Lukas Dunner Drivex School
Ret Matheus Iorio Carlin
Fastest lap: Viscaal, 1m39.287s

Championship standings
1?Drugovich 405? ?2 Viscaal 246? ?3?Siebert 195? ?4?Iorio 178? ?5 Das 159? ?6?Samaia 94? ?7?Dunner 83? ?8?Alex Karkosik 66 ??9?Festante 29? ?10?Christian Hahn 27

Spanish F3 standings
1 Drugovich 158? ?2 Viscaal 104? ?3?Das 73? ?4?Iorio 63? ?5?Samaia 40? ?6?Schumacher 38? ?7?Dunner 28? ?8?Jannes Fittje 21? ?9?Petru Florescu 18? ?10 Gonzalez 18