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Boya dominant in FRMEC race three to take his first FRegional win

by Alejandro Alonso Lopez

Photo: FRMEC

Mari Boya won in Formula Regional for the first time by beating Andrea Kimi Antonelli to victory in the third race of the category’s new Middle East championship.

The Spaniard moved past the pole-sitting Italian on lap one, opened a gap, and kept control of race run entirely under green flag conditions.

Antonelli finished second, earning him the championship lead by six points over Mumbai Falcons team-mate Rafael Camara, who finished the race in fourth. Pinnacle VAR’s Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak completed the podium between them.

Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 junior Antonelli had held on to first place at the start, but Hyderabad Blackbirds powered by MP driver Mari Boya got ahead before the first lap was done.

R-ace GP’s Matias Zagazeta ran into the back of Hyderabad Blackbirds’ Sami Meguetounif at turn one, bringing the race of both drivers to a premature end. PHM Racing’s Taylor Barnard was then also forced to retire as a consequence of a clash with R-ace GP’s Levente Revesz a few corners later.

Prema’s Michael Shin was handed a five-second time penalty for action at turn 12 that also involved Hitech GP’s Sebastian Montoya. Despite the three lap one incidents, no safety car intervention was needed.

By lap five, Boya’s lead has grown to two seconds over Antonelli, as the race progressed smoothly with little action.

Hitech’s Jak Crawford got past Mumbai Falcons’ race one winner Dino Beganovic for eighth, and the Swede finished ninth from sixth on the grid after struggling for pace.

Outside of points positions, Lorenzo Fluxa came on top of his battle with Aiden Neate for 11th, and so did Brad Benavides in his fight with Francesco Braschi.

Race results (16 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Mari Boya Hyderabad Blackbirds
2 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Mumbai Falcons +1.631s
3 Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak Pinnacle VAR +5.531s
4 Rafael Camara Mumbai Falcons +9.517s
5 Gabriele Mini Hitech GP +12.007s
6 Pepe Marti Pinnacle VAR +13.347s
7 Nikita Bedrin PHM Racing +15.867s
8 Jak Crawford Hitech GP +17.401s
9 Dino Beganovic Mumbai Falcons +19.188s
10 Nikhil Bohra R-ace GP +19.755s
11 Lorenzo Fluxa Mumbai Falcons +21.153s
12 Aiden Neate Prema +22.132s
13 Joshua Dufek PHM Racing +22.955s
14 Levente Revesz R-ace GP +26.213s
15 Brad Benavides Hyderabad Blackbirds +31.232s
16 Francesco Braschi R-ace GP +31.812s
17 Sebastian Ogaard Hyderabad Blackbirds +32.738s
18 Michael Shin Prema +38.863s
19 Rafael Villagomez Pinnacle VAR +39.197s
20 Sebastian Montoya Hitech GP +40.271s
21 Niels Koolen Pinnacle VAR +43.000s
22 Daniel Mavlyutov Hitech GP +43.159s
23 Cenyu Han R&B Racing +43.699s
24 Giovanni Maschio R&B Racing +1m05.297s
Ret Sami Meguetounif Hyderabad Blackbirds
Ret Taylor Barnard PHM Racing
Ret Matias Zagazeta R-ace GP
Fastest lap: Boya, 1m55.761s

Championship standings
1 Antonelli 38   2 Camara 32   3 Barnard 30   4 Beganovic 27   5 Bohra 27   6 Boya 25   7 Neate 20   8 Zagazeta 18   9 Inthraphuvasak 16   10 Fluxa 16