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Barter betters Giusti to win opening French F4 race at Ledenon

by Ida Wood

Photo: Roger Gascoigne

French Formula 4 points leader Hugh Barter took his sixth win of the year in the opening race at Ledenon.

Barter’s move for the win came at the very start of the race as he passed poleman Alessandro Giusti then fended off his attacks through the first four laps.

After that the race was neutralised by a safety car period caused by Jeronimo Berrio, and the fight for the win was not able to continue until lap 10 of 14.

Barter made a better job of the restart lap than Giusti and put himself 0.817 seconds ahead. That gave him just enough of a gap to concentrate on himself for the rest of the race, growing his lead to over a second.

That did prompt Giusti to attack and reduce the gap on the penultimate lap, but Barter had enough in hand to finish 0.822s ahead.

Honda junior Souta Arao started and finished third, while Elliott Vayron moved into fourth on the opening lap as Dario Cabanelas dropped several places. He was able to regain one spot on the penultimate lap as Honda’s Yuto Nomura dropped from fifth to finish seventh behind Cabanelas and Enzo Peugeot.

Pierre-Alexandre Provost had held seventh early on but spun at turn six on lap two and retired in the pits at the end of the lap, then Romain Andriolo was in the position before he had a race-ending issue late on.

Peugot had got himself in a place to benefit after making passes on Max Reis, who had made a mistake, and Enzo Geraci.

Edgar Pierre finished a dissapointed 10th after he fell from eighth to 14th on the opening lap and only recovered one spot outside of the place regained from other drivers retiring.

Race result
Pos Driver Time
1 Hugh Barter 14 laps
2 Alessandro Giusti +0.822s
3 Souta Arao +3.784s
4 Elliott Vayron +6.760s
5 Dario Cabanelas +9.518s
6 Enzo Peugeot +10.080s
7 Yuto Nomura +10.765s
8 Enzo Geraci +11.297s
9 Max Reis +11.754s
10 Edgar Pierre +12.291s
11 Leny Reveillere +14.149s
12 Lorens Lecertua +15.064s
13 Mateo Villagomez +16.202s
14 Pablo Sarrazin +16.540s
15 Louis Pelet +17.130s
16 Pol Lopez +17.507s
17 Enzo Richer +17.593s
18 Antoine Fernande +19.774s
19 Valentino Mini +20.337s
Ret Romain Andriolo
Ret Jeronimo Berrio
Ret Pierre-Alexandre Provost
Fastest lap: Barter, 1m21.362s

Championship standings
Barter 187   2 Arao 155   3 Giusti 156   4 Vayron 133   5 Peugeot 82   6 Nomura 65   7 Berrio 56   8 Cabanelas 62   9 Provost 49   10 Andriolo 44