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Barnard fastest in 40-strong Italian F4 test at Imola

by Ida Wood

Photo: F4 UAE

PHM Racing’s Taylor Barnard was fastest in a three-day Italian Formula 4 test at Imola this week.

The initial 20-strong entry list was split into two groups, with Group A taking to the track first on Thursday.

R-ace GP’s Noah Stromsted was the pacesetter, setting a 1m47.513s that put him half a second clear of Van Amersfoort Racing’s Brando Badoer and almost 1.4 seconds ahead of his own team-mate Marcos Flack, who was caught pitlane speeding, in third. VAR’s Martinius Stenshorne was fourth, and his session was shortened by his car grinding to a halt with technical issues.

Group B benefitted from a more rubbered-in track, and PHM’s Nikita Bedrin went 1.4s up on Stromsted’s pace. He pipped Barnard to top spot in the final minute, with US Racing’s Nikhil Bohra in third and BWR Motorsports’ Alfio Spina fourth despite crashing at the Variante Alta chicane and causing red flags.

Everyone in Group A improved in their second session, with Stromsted fastest again. A late improvement from Badoer put him just 0.005s behind, and AS Motorsport’s Giovanni Maschio was third after a red flag-causing trip into the gravel. R-ace’s Clericy Loris also got beached.

Barnard lowered the pace as the afternoon began, setting a 1m45.379 to top Group B by 0.066s ahead of Kacper Sztuka (US Racing). Spina missed the session following his crash.

Italian karter Maschio was the surprise pacesetter next in Group A, while Barnard topped Group B again as team-mate Victoria Blokhina went in the Villeneuve chicane gravel.

Badoer led Stenshorne in the next session, which was red flagged twice as French karter Loris went off at Villeneuve and Maschio stopped there with a car problem.

Day one ended with Bedrin edging Barnard by 0.07s, and a session-ending red flag caused by Sztuka, while day two began with FIA Formula 3 racer Pepe Marti setting the pace for BWR.

Group A was on the track after, and Maschio visited the gravel again. Stenshorne was fastest until team-mate Badoer edged him at the very end before R-ace’s mystery driver was gravel-bound again.

Spina and Blokhina had costly offs in the next session, comfortably topped by Barnard, while Stenshorne headed Group A’s final session.

Another 20 drivers were on track for the next day-and-a-half, with James Wharton edging Prema team-mate Conrad Laursen in Group C’s first session and US Racing’s Alex Dunne heading Group D. Andrea Kimi Antonelli (Prema) and Dunne led the day’s final sessions.

Saturday started with Dunne on top, while AKM Motorsport’s unnamed driver went off at Piratella. Antonelli pipped a trouble-struck Wharton with a speedy lap in Group C, and repeated the feat when on track next. US Racing’s Marcus Amand was fastest in Group D.

Dunne was then back ahead, edging Brazilian F4’s Pedro Clerot, then Antonelli continued his perfect day as the track got wetter. VAR’s Emmo Fittipaldi topped the last Group D session.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Taylor Barnard PHM Racing 1m45.379s 112
2 Kacper Sztuka US Racing 1m45.445s +0.066s 122
3 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Prema 1m45.780s +0.401s 116
4 Pepe Marti BWR Motorsports 1m45.784s +0.405s 80
5 Nikita Bedrin PHM Racing 1m45.802s +0.423s 108
6 Nikhil Bohra US Racing 1m45.844s +0.465s 109
7 James Wharton Prema 1m45.935s +0.556s 94
8 Marcus Amand US Racing 1m45.993s +0.614s 102
9 Martinius Stenshorne Van Amersfoort Racing 1m46.007s +0.628s 105
10 Giovanni Maschio AS Motorsport 1m46.067s +0.688s 100
11 Brando Badoer Van Amersfoort Racing 1m46.079s +0.700s 132
12 Emmo Fittipaldi Van Amersfoort Racing 1m46.106s +0.727s 123
13 Charlie Wurz Prema 1m46.108s +0.729s 114
14 Rafael Camara Prema 1m46.215s +0.836s 110
15 Alfio Spina BWR Motorsports 1m46.216s +0.837s 74
16 Jonas Ried PHM Racing 1m46.217s +0.838s 119
17 Conrad Laursen Prema 1m46.233s +0.854s 97
18 Alex Dunne US Racing 1m46.253s +0.874s 106
19 Giorgio Carrara Jenzer Motorsport 1m46.319s +0.940s 91
20 Noah Stromsted R-ace GP 1m46.391s +1.012s 75
21 Arias Deukmedjian Van Amersfoort Racing 1m46.440s +1.061s 116
22 Andrea Frassineti Cars Racing 1m46.510s +1.131s 97
23 Pedro Clerot AKM Motorsport 1m46.552s +1.173s 117
24 Maya Weug Iron Lynx 1m46.576s +1.197s 94
25 Ivan Domingues Iron Lynx 1m46.699s +1.320s 107
26 Leonardo Bizzotto BVM Racing 1m46.708s +1.329s 95
27 Pedro Perino US Racing 1m46.711s +1.332s 119
28 Marcos Flack R-ace GP 1m46.758s +1.379s 107
29 Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi Jenzer Motorsport 1m46.898s +1.519s 105
30 Frederik Lund R-ace GP 1m46.903s +1.524s 113
31 Georgios Markogiannis Cram Motorsport 1m46.919s +1.540s 96
32 Niko Lacorte Iron Lynx 1m46.951s +1.572s 88
33 Jules Castro Van Amersfoort Racing 1m46.995s +1.616s 115
34 Kim Hwarang BVM Racing 1m47.120s +1.741s 91
35 Elia Sperandio Maffi Racing 1m47.400s +2.021s 120
36 Ethan Ischer Jenzer Motorsport 1m47.563s +2.184s 118
37 Clericy Loris R-ace GP 1m47.717s +2.338s 85
38 Victoria Blokhina PHM Racing 1m48.208s +2.829s 115
39 Manuel Quondamcarlo AS Motorsport 1m49.248s +3.869s 127
40 driver unknown AKM Motorsport 1m49.304s +3.925s 116