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Andreas Estner joins brother Sebastian at Van Amersfoort Racing for Euroformula

by Ida Wood

German racing brothers Andreas and Sebastian Estner will be on-track rivals again this year in Van Amersfoort Racing’s Euroformula line-up.

Sebastian had already been announced at the Dutch team, and now his older brother Andreas has joined him in the Formula 3-level championship.

Andreas Estner raced primarily in FIA F3 Championship last year with Jenzer Motorsport, and finished a pointless 26th in the standings. He also took in some BRDC British F3 races, and joined VAR for a Formula Regional European Championship cameo.

?The new regulations have turned Euroformula in a very attractive championship,? said the 19-year-old.

?Besides the fact that I will have a lot of track time, more than I had in the past, the Euroformula car is technically very advanced. After testing, I can say that I have an absolute positive outlook towards the season.

“For sure I am on a learning path, but I have set my goal at no less than competing at the forefront of the field.

“Needless to say, I am excited to take on this challenge together with VAR. I have already successfully raced in their Formula 4 and Formula Regional cars and it feels very good to now attack the full Euroformula season together with them!?

Prior to F3, Estner spent several years in ADAC Formula 4 and won races in the 2018-19 MRF Challenge season. His younger brother, and now team-mate, Sebastian is moving to Euroformula also from a background of ADAC F4 and MRF Challenge.

??I realise it is quite special to be competing together and against your brother at this level of professional single-seater racing.

“[Sebastian] might be the younger one, but I see him as a full competitor who I have to beat on track. I am really excited about the fact that we both race under the same flag of VAR. Being in the same team will help us both to progress even faster!”

The two brothers join Alexandre Bardinon at VAR, which is a new team to Euroformula as it introduces its new halo-shod Dallara 320 car. VAR CEO Rob Biessink said of Estner?s signing:

?Andreas has gathered valuable experience in multiple race categories. On top of that, we know him well and feel that he is a very good fit in the team.

“It is absolutely nice to see the dynamics coming from two brothers who are team-mates as much as they are competitors. It clearly motivates them to be better every time they hit the track and I see that positively rubbing off on the team.”