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Alonso adds F3 racer Pepe Marti to his growing driver management firm

by Ida Wood

Photo: Formula Motorsport Limited

FIA Formula 3 racer Pepe Marti has become the latest addition to A14 Management, the driver development company fronted by Fernando Alonso.

Two-time Formula 1 world champion Alonso launched his driver management firm this March with established driver manager Albert Resclosa and his own personal manager and friend Alberto Fernandez.

Formula 2 rookie Clement Novalak, who had already been working with Resclosa, and Alpine Academy affiliate Nikola Tsolov – who is dominating Spanish Formula 4 in his first year of car racing – were signed straight away. Peruvian karter Andres Cardenas was signed in June, and Formula Regional racer Gabriel Bortoleto was added earlier this month.

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to be joining A14 Management,” said Marti.

“Fernando has been a role model to me since I was a young kid so it’s even more special. In addition, Alberto and Albert’s help will be fundamental for my growth as a driver. I am looking forward to working together in what I know will be a great partnership.”

Marti came seventh in F4 United Arab Emirates and third in Spanish F4 as a single-seater rookie last year, then started 2022 with a move up to FRegional and coming second in the Asian championship with Pinnacle Motorsport.

Following that, he signed with Campos Racing to make another step up to FIA F3. In a difficult rookie season he came 26th in the standings, and is set to stay in the series next year. Through his car racing career he has sported the logos of Alonso’s Kimoa clothing brand and his FA Racing kart team, as well as using a helmet design inspired by Alonso’s most famous lids.