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Alexandra Mohnhaupt makes history as first female F4 winner

by Ida Wood

NACAM Formula 4 racer Alexandra Mohnhaupt made history at Mexico’s Autodromo Miguel E. Abed by becoming the first woman to win a race in FIA F4.

The local driver had visited the podium five times in the first seven races in her third year in the championship, and qualified third for the first race of the weekend.

Championship leader Moises de la Vara started from pole, for the fourth time this season, but he was unable to maintain the lead and lost out to Mohnhaupt and Igor Fraga, the 2017 F3 Brasil Academy champion and one of the finalists in the inaugural Formula 1 eSports competition.

The pair battled for the lead for the duration of the race, with Mohnhaupt prevailing by a third of a second, and making history in the process.

“I feel very happy with the victory,” said MomoF4 Team driver Mohnhaupt after her groundbreaking success.

“The truth was that it was very hard to get the chequered flag, but we did the job well with the team.”

The second race followed a similar pattern, with Mohnhaupt starting further down the order but making it onto the top step of the podium.

De la Vara and Fraga weren’t as fortunate, with both failing to complete all 17 laps of the race.

The final race of the weekend ended with a red flag due to a shunt involving Daniel Forcadell. This caused some confusion with the results, but it was Fraga who was awarded victory, one lap ahead of de la Vara and Inigo Leon.

De la Vara, who drives for the Esteban Gutierrez-linked Scuderia Martiga team, still heads the championship, with Mohnhaupt and Fraga moving into second and third in the standings.

Results round-up
Race 1 (17 laps)
1 Alexandra Mohnhaupt MomoF4 26m46.935s
2 Igor Fraga Prop Car Racing +0.333s
3 Moises de la Vara Scuderia Martiga EG +0.993s
4 Emiliano Jauregui Ram Racing +8.371s
5 Inigo Leon MomoF4 +8.709s
6 Daniel Forcadell Easy-Shop.com Racing +10.583s
7 Michael Santos Ram Racing +29.535s
8 Mariano del Castillo Prop Car Racing +56.713s
Ret Mariano Martinez Telcel RPL Racing +8 laps
Ret Alex Servin? APYCSA Racing
Pole: de la Vara, 1m32.564s
Fastest Lap: Fraga, 1m33.167s

Race 2 (17 laps)
1 Mohnhaupt 27m30.869s
2 Leon +3.836s
3 Jauregui +14.084s
4 Forcadell +24.261s
5 del Castillo +28.134s
6 Martinez +33.519s
7 Santos +1 lap
8 Fraga +1 lap
Ret de la Vara
Ret Servin
FL: Fraga, 1m31.704s

Race 3 (15 laps)
1 Fraga 30m23.573s
2 de la Vara +1 lap
3 Leon +1 lap
4 Santos
5 del Castillo
6 Mohnhaupt
7 Jauregui
8 Martinez
9 Forcadel +3 laps
Ret Servin
P: de la Vara, 1m33.118s
FL: Fraga, 1m32.354s

Championship Standings
1 de la Vara 182 ? 2 Mohnhaupt 146 ? 3 Fraga 118 ? 4 Santiago Lozano 97 ? 5 Santos 85 ? 6 Jauregui 68 ? 7 Leon 62 ? 8? Jose Manuel Vilalta 39 ? 9 Forcadell 38 ? 10 Giancarlo Vecchi 36