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Tramnitz fastest, David down in 25th in FREC FP2 at Spa

by Ida Wood

Photo: FRECA

R-ace GP’s Tim Tramnitz was fastest in the Thursday practice session for the Formula Regional European Championship at Spa-Francorchamps.

A pre-event test session and FP1 took place on Wednesday, with Tramnitz and Prema’s Rafael Camara fastest in the respective sessions, then later today is qualifying for race one.

FP2 lasted 50 minutes, and a quarter of an hour into the afternoon session it was ART Grand Prix’s series returnee Hadrien David and Arden’s Joshua Duerksen who jointly led the way having both set 2m16.545s.

They were then shuffled down the order as ART GP’s Laurens van Hoepen went top with a 2m16.148s, Camara slotted into second 0.342 seconds behind and Van Amersfoort Racing’s Kas Haverkort went third fastest.

The top 10 then went unchanged for over 20 minutes before Camara set a 2m15.774s to move ahead. His team-mate Andrea Kimi Antonelli jumped up to second with a laptime 0.176s slower, then two minutes later Race Performance Motorsport’s Santiago Ramos slotted into third with a 2m16.001s while MP Motorsport’s Victor Bernier put himself fifth on the timesheet.

Ahead of the final 10 minutes of action, G4 Racing’s Alessandro Giusti went 0.068s slower than Ramos to slot into fourth while Tramnitz was a further 0.007s back in fifth and the top two improved their pace.

Tramnitz’s next lap laid down a new benchmark for the session, as he set a 2m15.132s to go 0.177s clear of Camara, and a flurry of personal bests being set by other drivers led to lots of change in the top 10 with van Hoepen fourth and MP’s Dilano van’t Hoff fifth.

Duerksen went from 16th to third by setting a 2m15.378s, but only remained there a minute before G4 Racing’s Michael Belov got within 0.169s of Tramnitz’s pace in second place.

Tramnitz responded by breaking into the 2m14s, putting him half a second clear, as his points-leading team-mate Martinius Stenshorne went fifth fastest.

Ramos reduced Tramnitz’s advantage to 0.363s, then ART GP’s Marcus Amand slotted into third 0.018s behind with three-and-a-half minutes remaining. But Amand’s laptime was then deleted for track limits abuse, dropping him all the way down to 29th and four positions behind team-mate David.

That moved Stenshorne up to sixth, and with a minute to go he improved to fifth.

Free practice results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Tim Tramnitz R-ace GP 2m14.792s 14
2 Santiago Ramos R-P-M 2m15.155s +0.363s 14
3 Michael Belov G4 Racing 2m15.301s +0.509s 17
4 Rafael Camara Prema 2m15.309s +0.517s 14
5 Martinius Stenshorne R-ace GP 2m15.369s +0.577s 17
6 Joshua Duerksen Arden 2m15.378s +0.586s 15
7 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Prema 2m15.414s +0.622s 16
8 Laurens van Hoepen ART Grand Prix 2m15.476s +0.684s 15
9 Alessandro Giusti G4 Racing 2m15.602s +0.810s 16
10 Maya Weug KIC Motorsport 2m15.656s +0.864s 15
11 Maceo Capietto R-P-M 2m15.784s +0.992s 12
12 Sami Meguetounif MP Motorsport 2m15.793s +1.001s 17
13 Dilano van’t Hoff MP Motorsport 2m15.836s +1.044s 14
14 Victor Bernier MP Motorsport 2m15.883s +1.091s 18
15 Lorenzo Fluxa Prema 2m15.955s +1.163s 15
16 Esteban Masson Sainteloc Racing 2m15.993s +1.201s 14
17 Kas Haverkort Van Amersfoort Racing 2m16.031s +1.239s 16
18 Owen Tangavelou Trident 2m16.085s +1.293s 14
19 Tom Lebbon Arden 2m16.223s +1.431s 16
20 Matias Zagazeta R-ace GP 2m16.244s +1.452s 16
21 Nikhil Bohra Trident 2m16.309s +1.517s 13
22 Roman Bilinski Trident 2m16.310s +1.518s 14
23 Emmo Fittipaldi Sainteloc Racing 2m16.403s +1.611s 16
24 Joshua Dufek Van Amersfoort Racing 2m16.409s +1.617s 16
25 Hadrien David ART Grand Prix 2m16.475s +1.683s 13
26 Alex Partyshev KIC Motorsport 2m16.627s +1.835s 13
27 Levente Revesz Arden 2m16.726s +1.934s 17
28 Adam Fitzgerald R-P-M 2m16.751s +1.959s 14
29 Marcus Amand ART Grand Prix 2m16.814s +2.022s 14
30 Kirill Smal Monolite Racing 2m16.922s +2.130s 15
31 Niels Koolen Van Amersfoort Racing 2m17.306s +2.514s 16
32 Giovanni Maschio Monolite Racing 2m17.423s +2.631s 11
33 Enzo Scionti Monolite Racing 2m18.037s +3.245s 13
34 Lucas Medina Sainteloc Racing 2m19.344s +4.552s 12