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Return to NOLA the big change for 2024 in USF Pro series calendars

by Ida Wood

Photo: Gavin Baker Photography

The Andersen Promotions-owned USF Pro 2000, USF2000 and USF Juniors series have unveiled their 2024 calendars and scholarships.

Winning next year’s USF Juniors title will award a driver $263,7000, up from $248,815 this year, to spend on a USF2000 seat for 2025. Becoming USF2000 champion earns a driver $458,400 (up from $440,125) to spend on stepping up to USFP2000, then the USFP2000 champion will recieve $681,500 (up from $664,425) to fund a move up to Indy Nxt.

Pre-season testing for the three series will take place at NOLA Motorsports Park on February 26/27, then racing for USFP2000 and USF2000 begins on the streets of St. Petersburg on March 8-10 in support of the IndyCar season opener.

The three series then reconvene at NOLA on April 5 for a test day, and racing at the track over the next two days in a standalone event. USFP2000 and USF2000 last raced at NOLA in 2015, while USF Juniors will be new to the track.

USF Juniors is back in action at Barber Motorsports Park on April 26-28 to support IndyCar, then May is a busy month for the third and fourth tiers of single-seater racing in North America.

USFP2000 and USF2000 race on Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s road course on May 10/11, are joined by USF Juniors for a test at Mid-Ohio on May 15/16, then do another test without the fifth tier series at Road America on May 20. The month concludes with USFP2000 and USF2000’s only oval race of the season at Lucas Oil Raceway on May 24.

They then race at Road America on June 7-9, while USF Juniors heads to Virginia International Raceway on June 15/16 away from the IndyCar support bill.

All three series are back together at Mid-Ohio on July 5-7, and USF Juniors is dropped for the trip to Canada on July 19-21 to race on the streets of Toronto.

USF Juniors has another round run seperate to IndyCar on August 10/11 at Road America, but joins up again with its parent series at Portland on August 23-25. The USF Pro championships have a post-season test at Mid-Ohio on September 10/11, while the drivers in USFP2000 and USF2000 get further oval running with a day of testing at LOR on September 13.

Next year will be significant for the junior series since they switch rubber supplier to Continental Tire after a long-running partnership and supply deal with Cooper Tires.