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Pepe Marti pips Suleiman Zanfari to first place in Spanish F4 testing

by Ida Wood

Photo: Spanish F4

Spanish Formula 4’s in-season Barcelona test concluded on Thursday with Campos Racing’s Pepe Marti setting the pace.

Marti was 0.037 seconds faster than MP Motorsport’s Suleiman Zanfari in the first of four sessions of the day, with over a third over a second then back to Campos team-mate Sebastian Ogaard in third.

A quarter-second gain was made by Marti in session two, this time going 0.083s faster than Zanfari and with Formula de Campeones’ Daniel Macia 0.416s back in third. The session was interrupted almost immediately by Global Racing Service’s Anshul Gandhi causing a red flag.

Drivex School’s Branden Lee Oxley went to the top after that, before MP’s Emely de Heus caused another red flag, and Teo Martin Motorsport’s Oliver Michl was then the surprice pacesetter before Marti went fastest towards the end.

Macia was quickest in session three, the first of the afternoon sessions, where Gandhi and Drivex’s Lucas Malek were the only improvers. The final third of the session featured very little action after MP’s Gil Molina caused a red flag.

Danish F4 star Noah Stromsted was the top for Campos when session four was stopped by his team-mate Alex Partyshev going off. After it was restarted MP’s development driver Miron Pingasov and Noah Degnbol who went to the top – although Degnbol didn’t better his fastest session one laptime – before Michl went quickest again.

With five minutes to go it looked like Macia would head another session as he went fastest, but a late lap from Max Arkhangelskiy put him 0.067s clear of Marti and 0.338s clear of Macia. Russians Arkhangelskiy and Pingasov, Teo Martin’s Filip Jenic in 15th and Malek were the only drivers to set their personal best in the final segment of the day’s running.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Pepe Marti Campos Racing 1m46.171s 53
2 Suleiman Zanfari MP Motorsport 1m46.254s +0.083s 61
3 Max Arkhangelskiy Drivex School 1m46.515s +0.344s 53
4 Daniel Macia Formula de Campeones 1m46.587s +0.416s 60
5 Sebastian Ogaard Campos Racing 1m46.594s +0.423s 52
6 Vladislav Ryabov GRS 1m46.614s +0.443s 67
7 Rik Koen MP Motorsport 1m46.653s +0.482s 72
8 Georg Kelstrup MP Motorsport 1m46.721s +0.550s 64
9 Noah Degnbol MP Motorsport 1m46.831s +0.660s 73
10 Valerio Rinicella GRS 1m46.907s +0.736s 69
11 Oliver Michl Teo Martin Motorsport 1m47.003s +0.832s 48
12 Manuel Espirito Santo MP Motorsport 1m47.034s +0.863s 69
13 Quique Bordas Formula de Campeones 1m47.104s +0.933s 66
14 Miron Pingasov MP Motorsport 1m47.155s +0.984s 58
15 Filip Jenic TeoM 1m47.185s +1.014s 53
16 Gil Molina MP Motorsport 1m47.215s +1.044s 50
17 Alex Garcia Campos Racing 1m47.238s +1.067s 52
18 Noah Abramczyck Drivex School 1m47.326s +1.155s 65
19 Jorge Campos Teo Martin Motorsport 1m47.337s +1.166s 51
20 Branden Lee Oxley Drivex School 1m47.403s +1.232s 69
21 Lucas Malek Drivex 1m47.443s +1.272s 59
22 Noah Stromsted Campos Racing 1m47.647s +1.476s 57
23 Emely de Heus MP Motorsport 1m47.849s +1.678s 73
24 Ricardo Escotto Formula de Campeones 1m47.958s +1.787s 59
25 Alex Partyshev Campos Racing 1m48.157s +1.986s 42
26 Anshul Gandhi GRS 1m48.390s +2.219s 50
27 Lola Lovinfosse Drivex School 1m48.533s +2.362s 52
28 Juuso Laukkanen Drivex School 1m50.829s +4.658s 62