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Noel Leon ends first day of F3 pre-season test on top

by Peter Allen

Photo: Formula Motorsport Limited

Noel Leon set the best time for Van Amersfoort Racing at the end of the first day of pre-season FIA Formula 3 testing, just before a late red flag.

After a quiet morning session, a wet track was again declared 15 minutes into the afternoon, at which point 15 cars had been on track with nine of them setting times. Tim Tramnitz had been fastest, setting a 1m58.238s.

Around 10 minutes later, all three Trident cars emerged back on track, joined by Hitech’s Luke Browning and Campos driver Oliver Goethe. Goethe would go second fastest, followed by his team-mates Sebastian Montoya and Mari Boya, before Browning took top spot with a lap two seconds faster than the early Tramnitz benchmark.

Times then really began to fall just after the one-hour mark, with PHM pair Nikita Bedrin and Tasasnapol Inthraphuvasak initially trading top spot before the Rodin trio of Joseph Loake, Piotr Wisnicki and Callum Voisin took over the top three places.

That only lasted a few moments before Max Esterson went fastest with a 1m48.796s, his Jenzer Motorsport team-mate Charlie Wurz soon slotting into second.

It was at this point that Prema finally sent its drivers on track for the first time, and with an hour and 10 minutes left on the clock they took over the top of the timing screens. Gabriele Mini went quickest with a 1m46.952s, with Dino Beganovic going 0.118s slower in second and rookie Arvid Lindblad taking third, 0.644s off the pace.

With an hour to go, all 30 drivers had set a time, and Browning returned to third place to break up the Prema dominance.

Esterson and Wurz would both improve and go quicker than Browning once more, and they were later split by their team-mate Matias Zagazeta with just over 20 minutes remaining.

A flurry of faster laps then came inside the last 15 minutes, Leon taking over top spot with a 1m46.657s, just 0.015s quicker than Goethe. Tramnitz moved up to third and Santiago Ramos took fourth, with Mini demoted to fifth.

That was soon followed by the first and only red flag interruption with 10 minutes left on the clock, with neither Sebastian Montoya nor Piotr Wisnicki making it back to the pits.

The session resumed with less than two minutes left on the clock, and although some cars did return to the track, nobody could improve their times.

Afternoon session results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Noel Leon Van Amersfoort Racing 1m46.657s 19
2 Oliver Goethe Campos Racing 1m46.672s +0.015s 20
3 Tim Tramnitz MP Motorsport 1m46.828s +0.171s 22
4 Santiago Ramos Trident 1m46.934s +0.277s 22
5 Gabriele Mini Prema 1m46.942s +0.285s 15
6 Leonardo Fornaroli Trident 1m46.953s +0.296s 18
7 Dino Beganovic Prema 1m47.060s +0.403s 17
8 Sami Meguetounif Trident 1m47.125s +0.468s 23
9 Sophia Floersch Van Amersfoort Racing 1m47.194s +0.537s 17
10 Nikola Tsolov ART Grand Prix 1m47.208s +0.551s 16
11 Max Esterson Jenzer Motorsport 1m47.281s +0.624s 20
12 Matias Zagazeta Jenzer Motorsport 1m47.436s +0.779s 22
13 Tommy Smith Van Amersfoort Racing 1m47.481s +0.824s 20
14 Charlie Wurz Jenzer Motorsport 1m47.552s +0.895s 20
15 Luke Browning Hitech 1m47.573s +0.916s 21
16 Arvid Lindblad Prema 1m47.586s +0.929s 19
17 Mari Boya Campos Racing 1m47.594s +0.937s 20
18 Nikita Bedrin PHM Racing 1m47.604s +0.947s 22
19 Alex Dunne MP Motorsport 1m47.619s +0.962s 20
20 Kacper Sztuka MP Motorsport 1m47.764s +1.107s 19
21 Joseph Loake Rodin Motorsport 1m47.802s +1.145s 25
22 Piotr Wisnicki Rodin Motorsport 1m48.182s +1.525s 25
23 Sebastian Montoya Campos Racing 1m48.214s +1.557s 20
24 Callum Voisin Rodin Motorsport 1m48.457s +1.800s 24
25 Christian Mansell ART Grand Prix 1m48.464s +1.807s 13
26 Martinius Stenshorne Hitech 1m48.475s +1.818s 20
27 Laurens van Hoepen ART Grand Prix 1m49.381s +2.724s 14
28 Cian Shields Hitech 1m49.966s +3.309s 20
29 Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak PHM Racing 1m50.955s +4.298s 5
30 Joshua Dufek PHM Racing 1m51.272s +4.615s 17