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Nikhil Bohra controls hectic FRME race two at Dubai

by Alejandro Alonso Lopez

Photo: FRMEC

MP Motorsport’s Nikhil Bohra emerged victorious from a hectic Formula Regional Middle East race two at Dubai Autodrome after taking the lead at the start.

PHM Racing’s Tasanapol Inthrapuvasak and Luca Badoer completed the podium in second and third place respectively, but never had a chance of challenging Bohra for the race victory.

Bohra claimed the lead of the race off the blocks from second place as reversed-grid polesitter Theophile Nael endured a slow start. Nael spent the opening lap defending from Inthraphuvasak and Badoer in what was a close on-track battle between the three of them.

Both PHM drivers overtook the Sainteloc Racing ace heading into turn one on lap two, with Inthraphuvasak taking the outside line while Badoer dived into the inside of the Frenchman. Meanwhile, Bohra had already opened up over a one-second gap at the front of the field.

Nael struggled for pace and R-ace GP’s Martinius Stenshorne was soon pressuring him. The Norwegian attempted a move but Nael closed the door and both ended up running off-track at turn 11. Stenshorne lost several positions as a consequence, and so did Nael, who immediately dropped behind the much faster Mumbai Falcons drivers Ugo Ugochukwu and Rafael Camara.

Pinnacle Motorsport’s Mari Boya also drove past Nael half a lap later, moving up to sixth place.

Right behind them, the battle was on between PHM’s Taylor Barnard and R-ace GP’s Stenshorne and Tuukka Taponen, where the latter came out on top and took eighth place.

In the following laps, Nael continued to plummet down the order, and eventually came to a halt at the run-off area of turn one and retired. He had been running in 10th place with over five minutes to the end of the race.

It was the drivers running in the rear half of the pack who put on the show in the second half of the race. A heated-up battle between Sainteloc’s Noah Stromsted and R-ace GP’s Zachary David for 16th place was then joined by other drivers, and ended up with Evans GP’s John Bennett making contact with Pinnacle’s Giovanni Maschio, who spun. However, both drivers could rejoin and no safety car was needed.

Camara attempted a pass on team-mate Ugochukwu in the second-to-last lap, and eventually got ahead, but couldn’t make it stick.

Race result (16 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Nikhil Bohra MP Motorsport 31m23.826s
2 Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak PHM Racing +1.500s
3 Brando Badoer PHM Racing +1.757s
4 Ugo Ugochukwu Mumbai Falcons +2.422s
5 Rafael Camara Mumbai Falcons +3.334s
6 Mari Boya Pinnacle Motorsport +3.769s
7 Tuukka Taponen R-ace GP +6.101s
8 Taylor Barnard PHM Racing +6.729s
9 Martinius Stenshorne R-ace GP +10.487s
10 Arvid Lindblad Mumbai Falcons +15.347s
11 Noah Lisle Xcel Motorsport +15.729s
12 James Wharton Mumbai Falcons +17.108s
13 Bruno del Pino MP Motorsport +24.804s
14 Costa Toparis Evans GP +25.414s
15 Zachary David R-ace GP +33.124s
16 Noah Stromsted Sainteloc Racing +35.609s
17 Alexander Abkhazava Pinnacle Motorsport +39.185s
18 Yujia Gao R&B Racing +39.718s
19 Jesse Carrasquedo Jr R-ace GP +41.809s
20 Zhongwei Wang R&B Racing +44.102s
21 Yaroslav Veselaho Xcel Motorsport +47.131s
22 Emmo Fittipaldi MP Motorsport +59.083s
Ret Giovanni Maschio Pinnacle Motorsport
Ret John Bennett Evans GP
Ret Theophile Nael Sainteloc Racing
Ret Isaac Barashi MP Motorsport
Ret Jose Garfias Sainteloc Racing
DNS Ruiqi Liu PHM Racing
Fastest lap: Boya, 1m56.770s

Championship standings
 Taponen 124   2 Stenshorne 100   3 Barnard 98   4 Boya 72   5 Inthraphuvasak 58   6 Nael 57   7 Camara 55   8 Ugochukwu 42   9 Wharton 38   10 Lindblad 33