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Mads Hoe goes unbeatable at Ring Djursland in Nordic 4

by Ida Wood

Photo: Nordic 4

Formula 5 driver Mads Hoe won all three Nordic 4 races at Ring Djurland to extend his championship lead.

STEP Motorsport’s Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen was fastest in practice, setting a 57.459s to lead MP Racing’s Magnus Pedersen by 0.3 seconds. Team FSP’s Louis Leveau was third fastest but 1.84s off the pace, and the cameoing Gustaw Wisniewski in fourth place was 2.074s slower than his team-mate Jakobsen.

Qualifying was a different story, with Pedersen improving to 57.315s to claim pole by just 0.016s over Hoe. Leveau was 0.124s off pole in third, STEP’s Sebastian Bach was fourth and Jakobsen was 0.391s behind in fifth, just ahead of Wisniewski.

Pedersen led the first four laps of race one before Hoe got past and pulled away. He won the 19-lap encounter by 4.271 seconds, with Pedersen having to resist Jakobsen from lap five onwards to finish second.

Bach and Wisniewski initially disputed fourth, then FSP’s Marius Kristiansen got involved and by lap 10 had passed both. Leveau fell to sixth on lap one and gained back one spot by pasing Bach on lap 11, while Wisniewski finished 11th after being penalised 10s for not serving a drive-through penalty he was handed for jumping the start. Mille Hoe served her drive-through for the same offence and came home seventh.

F5 driver Marcus Terkildsen started on reversed-grid pole for race two, after almost running over a marshal, with Mille Hoe and Bach next up. Hoe was down to sixth by the end of lap one, while Pedersen charged up the order to lead Terkildsen into lap three.

The safety car was out a few laps later after FSP’s Alexa Danielsson spun off, with Pedersen leaing Jakobsen and Mads Hoe. It took two laps for Hoe with his fresh tyres to overtake Jakobsen, and another six to take the race lead and ultimately victory.

Race three’s grid was based on the finishing positions of the first two races combined, putting Hoe on pole. He led lights-to-flag, controlling a small gap to Pedersen.

Jakobsen led Kristiansen and Leveau in a race-long battle for third. Kristiansen got alongside Jakobsen on lap 14, then passed him on lap 18 at the hairpin where Danielsson was stopped on the exit. Leveau followed through a few corners later, and since there were double-waved yellow flags there they both got stop-go penalties that were converted into 20s penalties. Third place therefore returned to Jakobsen, with Bach and Wisniewski inheriting fourth and fifth.

Results round-up [F5 entrants in italics]
Race 1 (19 laps)
Mads Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport 16m39.407s
2 Magnus Pedersen MP Racing +4.271s
3 Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen STEP Motorsport +4.724s
4 Marius Kristiansen Team FSP +20.180s
5 Louis Leveau Team FSP +22.818s
6 Sebastian Bach Team FSP +25.719s
Mille Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +26.095s
Marcus Terkildsen MT Motorsport +27.065s
9 Alexia Danielsson Team FSP +29.019s
10 Niels Enjar Rytter +29.239s
Pole: Pedersen, 57.315s
Fastest lap: Mads Hoe, 50.876s

Race 2 (17 laps)
Mads Hoe 16m12.908s
2 Pedersen +0.796s
3 Jakobsen +1.898s
4 Kristiansen +7.491s
5 Leveau +7.841s
6 Bach +12.503s
Terkildsen +13.330s
Mille Hoe +16.124s
Mads Kjelde Larsen Mads Hoe Motorsport +21.770s
10 Rytter +22.087s
FL: Mads Hoe, 50.433s

Race 3 (19 laps)
Mads Hoe 16m22.897s
2 Pedersen +1.842s
3 Jakobsen +7.620ss
4 Bach +9.233s
5 Gustaw Wisniewski STEP Motorsport +9.810s
6 Laerke Ronn Sorensen STEP Motorsport +23.764s
7 Kristiansen +26.054s
8 Leveau +26.530s
Mille Hoe +32.725s
10 Rytter +41.031s
FL: Mads Hoe, 50.444s

Championship standings
1 Mads Hoe 227   2 Jakobsen 187   3 Pedersen 181   4 Bach 136   5 Kristiansen 127   6 Leveau 104   7 Sorensen 80   8 Larsen 42   9 Mille Hoe 37   10 Danielsson 25