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Kucharcyzk flies to fastest GB3 time in Snetterton test, Mills tops GB4 

by Steve Whitfield

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Douglas Motorsport’s Tymek Kucharczyk was quickest in GB3’s two-day pre-event Snetterton test, pipping Alex Dunne in Friday’s final session.

Arden VRD’s Nico Christodoulou led initially in Thursday’s opening session before JHR Developments’ Matthew Rees recorded a 1m41.346s to move ahead, his lap eclipsing Callum Voisin’s 2022 pole time.

Voisin responded a couple of minutes later with a 1m41.335s lap before Rees swiftly reclaimed the advantage with a 1m41.062s, leaving him 0.044 seconds ahead of Voisin at the end of the session.

Session two was disrupted by a lengthy red flag stoppage – a heavy crash for Douglas’s Lucas Staico necessitating barrier repairs.

The action resumed with a few minutes remaining, and Kucharczyk set a 1m41.001s to be quickest by 0.267s, with Dunne 0.017s ahead of Rees in second.

Dunne set the best lap so far in session three with a 1m40.946s, but Kucharczyk soon responded with a 1m40.946s before Oliver Stewart and Joseph Loake enjoyed brief spells at the top. Noah Ping then went quickest by 0.3s, and the Arden driver remained at the top of the timesheets until the last five minutes.

Dunne reclaimed the advantage then improved to 1m40.277s to end the day fastest by almost a quarter of a second from Elite Motorsport’s McKenzy Cresswell, who improved late on, with Christodoulou and Kucharcyzk also moving ahead of Ping.

Only three drivers did not improve from the first two sessions, with Rees and Voisin hampered by issues, while Staico did not go out following his crash.

Dunne was quickest again on Friday morning, but not improving on his Thursday benchmark, with Kucharczyk and Cresswell close behind. He then set a new benchmark of 1m40.020s with two minutes remaining of the afternoon session. But Kucharczyk posted a 1m39.984s as the chequered flag waved to end testing on top by 0.036s.

Cresswell was third ahead of Voisin, Max Esterson and Rees, the quartet having all improved in the last session. Christodoulou and Ping did not go quicker on Friday but finished seventh and eighth overall. Chris Dittmann Racing tested an undisclosed third driver on Thursday.

Evans GP’s Cooper Webster topped both of GB4’s Thursday sessions. The Australian posted a 1m47.827s in the morning before improving to a 1m47.222s in the afternoon, with Fortec Motorsports’ Colin Queen second in both sessions and points leader Tom Mills ending the day a close third.

Queen topped a slower opening session on Friday ahead of Webster. Mills was unable to take part due to taking an exam, but he returned to set the best GB4 time of the week in the afternoon, his 1m46.966s edging Webster by 0.027s, with Queen again third.

F1 Esports champion Lucas Blakeley tested for Kevin Mills Racing, making steady improvements to end his first two days in a slicks-and-wings car within 1.5s of the pace in eighth, and he confirmed afterwards he will race in GB4.

Reigning GB4 champion Nikolas Taylor made a surprise appearance on Friday morning for Fortec, substituting for Aditya Kulkarni who was also sitting an exam.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Tymek Kucharczyk Douglas Motorsport 1m39.984s 66
2 Alex Dunne Hitech GP 1m40.020s +0.036s 62
3 McKenzy Cresswell Elite Motorsport 1m40.301s +0.317s 55
4 Callum Voisin Carlin 1m40.430s +0.446s 70
5 Max Esterson Fortec Motorsports 1m40.439s +0.455s 78
6 Matthew Rees JHR Developments 1m40.495s +0.511s 56
7 Nico Christodoulou Arden 1m40.522s +0.538s 67
8 Noah Ping Arden 1m40.539s +0.555s 66
9 Oliver Stewart Elite Motorsport 1m40.566s +0.582s 75
10 Zak Taylor Chris Dittmann Racing 1m40.636s +0.652s 74
11 Gerrard Xie Hillspeed 1m40.692s +0.708s 75
12 Joseph Loake JHR Developments 1m40.699s +0.715s 72
13 James Hedley Arden 1m40.742s +0.758s 70
14 Souta Arao Hitech GP 1m40.756s +0.772s 70
15 Costa Toparis Carlin 1m40.838s +0.854s 74
16 John Bennett Carlin 1m40.883s +0.899s 79
17 David Morales JHR Developments 1m40.906s +0.922s 70
18 Michael Shin Hitech GP 1m41.025s +1.041s 70
19 Edward Pearson Fortec Motorsports 1m41.157s +1.173s 49
20 Jarrod Waberski Fortec Motorsports 1m41.253s +1.269s 80
21 Arthur Rogeon Chris Dittmann Racing 1m41.311s +1.327s 29
22 Lucas Staico Douglas Motorsport 1m41.351s +1.367s 57
23 Undisclosed Chris Dittmann Racing 1m41.363s +1.379s 45
24 Ayato Iwasaki Elite Motorsport 1m41.399s +1.415s 73
25 Daniel Mavlyutov Hillspeed 1m41.605s +1.621s 75
26 Shawn Rashid Douglas Motorsport 1m41.970s +1.986s 51
1 Tom Mills Kevin Mills Racing 1m46.966s 44
2 Colin Queen Fortec Motorsports 1m46.933s +0.027s 76
3 Cooper Webster Evans GP 1m47.068s +0.102s 69
4 Ruhaan Alva Fortec Motorsports 1m47.642s +0.676s 56
5 Liam McNeilly Fox Motorsport 1m47.937s +0.971s 64
6 Aditya Kulkarni Fortec Motorsports 1m48.197s +1.231s 25
7 Sid Smith Fox Motorsport 1m48.305s +1.339s 66
8 Lucas Blakeley Kevin Mills Racing 1m48.425s +1.459s 62
9 Harry Burgoyne Jr Graham Brunton Racing 1m48.518s +1.552s 65
10 Jeremy Fairbairn Graham Brunton Racing 1m48.548s +1.582s 63
11 Jack Clifford Kevin Mills Racing 1m48.863s +1.897s 69
12 Nikolas Taylor Fortec Motorsports 1m50.128s +3.162s 10
13 Leon Wilson Arden 1m51.378s +4.412s 70
14 Thomas Lee Evans GP 1m51.869s +4.903s 34
15 Fortec1 Fortec Motorsports 1m52.051s +5.085s 29
16 Dylan Hotchin 1m53.141s +6.175s 27