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Jules Caranta takes French F4 points lead with Nogaro win

by Ida Wood

Photo: FFSA Academy

Jules Caranta inherited victory, and the points lead, from a penalised Yani Stevenheydens in French Formula 4’s third race at Nogaro.

Stevenheydens took pole for races one and three by topping qualifying, and converted the first of those into a win. A car issue meant he stopped straight away in the reversed-grid race two, but it proved inconsequential as red flags waved on lap three. All the action prior to that point had taken place behind the safety car, and the race distance was too short to count for points.

However the start of race three did prove costly for him, as while his car got away fine this time it did so by jumping the lights. That earned him a five-second penalty, and made his victory prospects slim in a race full of interruptions.

Tom Le Brech went off on the first lap but managed to rejoin the field at the very back, and Karel Schulz lost several places on lap two by going off while Stevenheydens built a lead over Caranta and Montego Maassen.

Yellow flags appeared at turn 12 and then the safety car appeared due to Paul Roques planting his car into the barriers, and racing reumed at the end of lap five.

Stevenheydens set fastest lap after fastest lap as he built up his lead again, and was 2.112 seconds clear of Caranta by lap eight. Maassen was unable to keep with them, and actually slipped down the order to seventh.

Rayan Caretti inherited third, and was some way behind Caretti until the safety car returned due to Pacome Weisenburger going off in a multi-car incident and Schulz spinning into the gravel at turn 11. That bunched the field back up, and with the restart not taking place until the 13th and final lap, it meant Stevenheydens was very unlikely to win.

Rayan Caretti and Taito Kato immediately challenged Caranta when racing resumed, enabling Stevenheydens to pull away slightly. There was no on-track change of position between any of them, but with Stevenheydens only meeting the chequered flag 2.229s clear it meant he was demoted to seventh place and Caranta won by 0.844s over Caretti.

Race results (13 laps)
Pos Driver Time
1 Jules Caranta 23m34.061s
2 Rayan Caretti +0.844s
3 Taito Kato +1.266s
4 Leonardo Megna +1.488s
5 Chester Kieffer +1.921s
6 Jason Leung +2.205s
7 Yani Stevenheydens +2.701s
8 Montego Maassen +3.320s
9 Augustin Bernier +3.864s
10 Arthur Dorison +4.664s
11 Dylan Estre +5.530s
12 Frank Porte Ruiz +5.819s
13 Alex O’Grady +5.837s
14 Enzo Caldaras +6.097s
15 Louis Schlesser +6.219s
16 Edouard Borgna +7.316s
17 Mathilda Paatz +7.814s
18 Jules Roussel +8.111s
19 Romeo Leurs +8.636s
20 Gabriel Doyle-Parfait +8.994s
21 Arjun Chheda +10.359s
22 Tom Le Brech +10.836s
Ret Pacome Weisenburger
Ret Karel Schulz
Ret Paul Roques
Fastest lap: Stevenheydens, 1m26.502s

Championship standings
1 Caranta 40   2 Stevenheydens 35   3 Kato 33   4 Caretti 28   5 Megna 20   6 Leung 14   7 Estre 12   8 Kieffer 11   9 Schulz 4   10 Maasen 4