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Jordan Gronkowski takes Scottish FFord double, Arden-backed Logan Hannah stars

by Stephen Brunsdon

Jordan Gronkowski continued his unbeaten start to the 2019 Scottish Formula Ford season on the championship’s first visit to Knockhill’s reverse layout.

The Jordan Gronkowski Racing driver took pole by almost a second, ahead of privateer Matthew Chisholm and Arden-supported teenager Logan Hannah, driving for Graham Brunton Racing.

Gronkowski thn dominated the first race, despite a late safety car intervention following contact between Kenny Cowie and Neil Broome at the hairpin while the pair disputed second place.

Hannah took her first podium in second, having moved past Chisholm on the inside of the Hairpin early on. Broome had moved past Cowie for fourth, but the despite the latter dropping down the order he was strong enough to move back up and even overtake Hannah for third after she made a mistake at McIntyres.

Cowie and Broome both also passed Chisholm, and were battling for second when their collision took place. Broome sank to fourth, behind Hannah and Chisholm, while Cowie retired.

A poor getaway from pole meant Gronkowski lost the lead to Hannah at the start of the second race, but he had reclaimed his position at the front by the end of the second lap.?At the same time, Chisholm stuck the nose of his car down the inside of Hannah as the pair turned into the Hairpin, with the former taking second place on exit.

The gaps between the top three extended thereon, with Gronkowski taking a fourth win of the season by 7.145s.

Behind Hannah, an increasingly raging battle for fourth place between Neil Broome, Steven Barlow and Kenny Cowie ended prematurely when Broome and Cowie were struck by mechanical issues. This allowed Barlow to claim fourth ahead of GBR team-mate Cameron Thomson at the flag.

With fastest lap in each race, Gronkowski left the weekend with the maximum points haul.

?It?s amazing, it really is. You sometimes have to pinch yourself to believe this is really happening,? Gronkowski told Formula Scout.

?I got another bad start and that?s the second time this season where that?s happened, so there?s still plenty of work to do before the next round.?

Race 1 (13 laps)
1 Jordan Gronkowski Jordan Gronkowski Racing 14m15.765s
2 Logan Hannah Graham Brunton Racing +1.188s
3 Matthew Chisholm +1.526s
4 Neil Broome +2.032s
5 Steve Barlow Graham Brunton Racing +4.345s
6 Cameron Thomson Graham Brunton Racing +14.756s
Ret Kenny Cowie Rotor Racing
Pole: Gronkowski, 53.292s
Fastest lap: Gronkowski, 53.975s

Race 2 (12 laps)
1 Gronkowski 11m04.994s
2 Chisholm +7.145s
3 Hannah +10.515s
4 Barlow +14.252s
5 Thomson +15.603s
Ret Broome
Ret Cowie
FL: Gronkowski, 54.152s

Championship standings
1 Gronkowski 104? ?2 Chisholm 58? ?3 Hannah 45? ?4 Barlow 44? ?5 Thomson 43? ?6?Broome 42? ?7 Jamie Thorburn 40? ?8 Cowie 32