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Jenzer’s Ischer fastest by a second on day one of Paul Ricard F4 test

by Ida Wood

Photo: ACI Sport

Jenzer Motorsport’s Ethan Ischer was fastest on the first day of a Formula 4 test at Paul Ricard contested by teams from the Italian championship.

There were four sessions on Monday, with only one of those taking place in the morning and being the slowest as there was little rubber laid down on the track.

Prema’s Rashid Al Dhaheri set the pace in that session, with a 2m05.526s lap putting him just 0.049 seconds ahead of Van Amersfoort Racing’s Ivan Domingues.

R-ace GP’s Rapahael Narac and US Racing’s Akshay Bohra were 0.164s and 0.166s back respectively in third and fourth, and the top 19 were covered by 0.912s.

The timesheet was nowhere near as closely contested when the F4 runners returned to track in the afternoon, with Ischer setting the fastest lap of the day in the second session which started at midday.

His 2m03.643s, which he set in the session’s first half, was 1.308s faster than the next best driver and only six drivers in total were within two seconds of him.

However the top four in that session were among nine in the 37-car field that did not improve in the next two sessions, and they were all shuffled down the order bar Ischer who remained a second clear of what anyone else could manage through the rest of the day.

Six drivers set their personal best in session three, including VAR’s Jack Beeton who with a 2m04.712s went second fastest overall. He topped the session by 0.948s over Bohra, with VAR’s Brando Badoer a further 0.040s behind and the only other driver within a second of Beeton’s pace.

Although the fourth session was the fastest one for 22 of the drivers, the fastest lap of the session – a 2m04.838s – was slower than the previous two. It was more closely contested though, with a gap of 0.415s between the top two and a second splitting the top 12.

It was Ischer who occupied 12th in that session, and he was 19th and 27th in sessions one and three.

Day one results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Ethan Ischer Jenzer Motorsport 2m03.643s 68
2 Jack Beeton Van Amersfoort Racing 2m04.712s +1.069s 62
3 Pablo Sarrazin Van Amersfoort Racing 2m04.838s +1.195s 59
4 Frederik Lund Van Amersfoort Racing 2m04.951s +1.308s 66
5 Brando Badoer Van Amersfoort Racing 2m05.092s +1.449s 62
6 Ivan Domingues Van Amersfoort Racing 2m05.156s +1.513s 66
7 Rashid Al Dhaheri Prema 2m05.253s +1.610s 61
8 James Egozi PHM Racing 2m05.306s +1.663s 63
9 #87 AKM Motorsport 2m05.399s +1.756s 65
10 Alfio Spina BVM Racing 2m05.432s +1.789s 63
11 Kacper Sztuka US Racing 2m05.458s +1.815s 69
12 Akshay Bohra US Racing 2m05.660s +2.017s 60
13 Zachary David US Racing 2m05.679s +2.036s 66
14 Raphael Narac R-ace GP 2m05.682s +2.039s 56
15 Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi PHM Racing 2m05.688s +2.045s 67
16 Gianmarco Pradel US Racing 2m05.795s +2.152s 64
17 Ariel Elkin Jenzer Motorsport 2m05.796s +2.153s 71
18 Matteo Quintarelli R-ace GP 2m05.802s +2.159s 57
19 Tina Hausmann AKM Motorsport 2m05.834s +2.191s 67
20 Aurelia Nobels Prema 2m05.891s +2.248s 59
21 Valentin Kluss PHM Racing 2m05.919s +2.276s 65
22 Griffin Peebles Jenzer Motorsport 2m05.943s +2.300s 73
23 Viktoria Blokhina PHM Racing 2m05.990s +2.349s 70
24 Ruiqi Liu US Racing 2m06.105s +2.462s 66
25 Niko Lacorte Prema 2m06.156s +2.513s 59
26 Alvise Rodella Maffi Racing 2m06.316s +2.673s 57
27 Kim Hwarang Jenzer Motorsport 2m06.320s +2.677s 67
28 #25 Jenzer Motorsport 2m06.348s +2.705s 69
29 Ismail Akhmed Van Amersfoort Racing 2m06.847s +3.204s 71
30 Davide Larini AKM Motorsport 2m06.878s +3.235s 49
31 Kabir Anurag R-ace GP 2m06.920s +3.277s 65
32 Giacomo Pedrini Newman Motorsport 2m07.092s +3.449s 66
33 Diego de la Torre AKM Motorsport 2m07.123s +3.480s 68
34 #3 VII team unknown 2m08.542s +4.899s 58
35 Andreas Ritzi DS Performance Driving 2m09.950s +6.307s 25
36 Laura Villars R-ace GP 2m09.586s +5.943s 57
37 Gabriel Holguin Maffi Racing 2m10.794s +7.151s 72