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Euroformula to switch to Pirelli tyres with immediate effect

by Ida Wood

Euroformula has ended its tyre supply contract with Hankook after just a single weekend of racing, and will switch to Pirelli tyres for the rest of the season.

For many years Euroformula had run using Michelin tyres, and had initially planned to move from 13-inch to 17-inch wheels this year after the tyre manufacturer instigated the change so its future racing tyres would be more representative of road-going rubber and automotive trends such as larger wheels. It also intended to reduce its production of 13-inch tyres.

However the changes that moving to larger wheels would have then required to the design of Euroformula’s Dallara 320 car meant that plan did not go ahead, and so a contract was signed with Hankook to supply tyres for the series’ existing wheel assemblies.

However a factory fire at Hankook’s main production plant this March destroyed a significant amount of stock and put a stop to production, with its motorsport customers across the world quickly being informed that this could pose issues for them.

Euroformula had enough tyres for last month’s Algarve season opener, and would have been stocked for this weekend’s round in Pau had the series not pulled out of the event. The supply for the round at Spa-Francorchamps at the end of this month however was an unknown, even to the European firm that handles Hankook’s overseas racing deals.

As such, Euroformula has sought a deal with Pirelli for its tyres and will now switch to the Italian brand’s rubber with immediate effect.

“The Euroformula Open will run on Pirelli tyres from its next round in Spa-Francorchamps (26-28 May) and for the remainder of the 2023 season, with a shared intention to expand the agreement into a partnership for the years beyond,” read a series statement.

“The current ‘contingency’ agreement solves the unforeseen situation resulting from the supply issues faced by the previous official provider after a factory fire destroyed its stocks and severely damaged its production capacity.”

Jesus Pareja, CEO of Euroformula’s promoter GT Sport, said: “We thank Pirelli for their co-operation and quick response when we reached out to them, at a moment when the planning for the 2023 racing season was done and track activity was about to start.

“It just proves how professional and how passionate about the sports they are. Pirelli, with its history, the technological edge of its products, and the quality of its customer service, is a true reference in motorsports and we are happy and proud to start this collaboration. The common wish is to expand it for the years to come and we see this technical partnership as one of the assets that will allow us to craft the future of the Euroformula Open.”

Pirelli’s circuit activity manager Matteo Braga explained that Euroformula will use 13-inch Pirelli P Zero DM slick tyres and Cinturato wet weather tyres.