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Doohan puts VAR on top again to end its first FIA F3 Championship test

by Ida Wood

Photo: Formula Motorsport Limited

Van Amersfoort Racing and Jack Doohan were the fastest combination again in the final session of the FIA Formula 3 Championship post-season testing at Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo circuit.

Track activity was even more concentrated than in the Wednesday morning session, when ART Grand Prix’s Gregoire Saucy went quickest, with the majority of the three hours of running given to teams over the afternoon not used.

This was due to the lack of relevant data that could be accumulated on old tyres on a rubbered-in track that doesn’t even appear on the FIA F3 calendar, although the less experienced drivers did rack up the miles and some even went on glory runs to try to get to the top of the times.

MP Motorsport’s Caio Collet set a 1m22.811s lap within the first 15 minutes of the session that for a long time stood as the time to beat. Second place changed hands multiple times, with Jenzer Motorsport’s Ido Cohen occupying the position until the end of the first hour when Campos Racing’s Reece Ushijima set a lap half a second off Collet’s benchmark.

Trident’s Red Bull junior Jonny Edgar, anticipated to race for the team in 2022, then became Collet’s closest rival by bettering Ushijima by 0.028s.

That kept him in second place while all but Hitech’s Isack Hadjar spent time in the pits, before Campos’s Hunter Yeany went back out in the second half of the session and went almost three tenths faster than Edgar.

There was another gap before VAR’s Filip Ugran became the next contender as in the final hour he set a lap good enough for third, which soon became fourth when Carlin’s Logan Sargeant headed out on track.

Alexander Smolyar was the fastest VAR driver after that, but Ugran went on a run that took him to the very top. His fastest lap was deleted though, and Doohan – just 0.001s slower – moved into first place with Ushijima rising to second in the final five minutes.

Test results

Pos Name Team Time Gap Laps
1 Jack Doohan Van Amersfoort Racing 1m22.354s 29
2 Reece Ushijima Campos Racing 1m22.545s +0.191s 34
3 Jonny Edgar Trident 1m22.658s +0.304s 65
4 Alexander Smolyar Van Amersfoort Racing 1m22.794s +0.440s 48
5 Filip Ugran Van Amersfoort Racing 1m22.801s +0.447s 57
6 Caio Collet MP Mootrsport 1m22.811s +0.457s 66
7 Hunter Yeany Campos Racing 1m22.884s +0.530s 30
8 Zak O’Sullivan Carlin 1m22.940s +0.586s 43
9 Logan Sargeant Carlin 1m23.006s +0.652s 43
10 Isack Hadjar Hitech GP 1m23.011s +0.657s 17
11 Enzo Trulli Jenzer Motorsport 1m23.252s +0.898s 45
12 William Alatalo Jenzer Motorsport 1m23.298s +0.944s 39
13 Brad Benavides Carlin 1m23.320s +0.966s 61
14 Nazim Azman Charouz Racing System 1m23.345s +0.991s 55
15 Tijmen van der Helm MP Motorsport 1m23.241s +1.067s 53
16 Ido Cohen Jenzer Motorsport 1m23.434s +1.080s 42
17 Pepe Marti Campos Racing 1m23.522s +1.168s 15
18 Roman Stanek Trident 1m23.702s +1.348s 39
19 Nicola Marinangeli Charouz Racing System 1m23.840s +1.486s 53
20 Paul Aron Prema 1m23.945s +1.591s 40
21 Franco Colapinto MP Motorsport 1m23.984s +1.630s 53
22 Gregoire Saucy ART Grand Prix 1m24.060s +1.706s 46
23 Jak Crawford Prema 1m24.118s +1.764s 42
24 Olllie Bearman Prema 1m24.169s +1.815s 41
25 Oliver Rasmussen ART Grand Prix 1m24.364s +2.010s 45
26 Zane Maloney Trident 1m24.428s +2.074s 38
27 Kaylen Frederick Hitech GP 1m24.497s +2.143s 47
28 Victor Martins ART Grand Prix 1m24.632s +2.278s 33
29 Johnathan Hoggard Hitech GP 1m24.845s +2.491s 49
30 Laszlo Toth Charouz Racing System 1m25.888s +3.534s 56