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Denmark picks Malthe Jakobsen for Motorsport Games F4 Cup

by Ida Wood

Photo: Danish F4

Danish Formula 4 leader Malthe Jakobsen will represent Denmark in the F4 segment of the inaugural Motorsport Games this November, the third nation to confirm its participation.

The teenager was a champion in junior karts in his home country, and finished 22nd in the CIK-FIA World Karting championship in 2017.

He switched to single-seaters last year and was sixth in Danish F4 with Team FSP, winning the rookie classification in the standings and making the overall podium on several occasions.

Jakobsen also cameoed in F4 South East Asia, and took his first car racing win in the final race of the season at Sepang.

This year he returned to both championships, but missed the Danish season opener. Despite that, 10 wins has carried him to the top of the standings. In F4 SEA, he’s entered less than a third of the season but is still in contention for third in the standings.

Denmark will also competing the Motorsport Games in the Karting slalom and the Esports event, where its champion racer Ian Andersen is deaf.

The F4 Cup currently consists of three entries, with Russia fielding F4 SMP leader Pavel Bulantsev and Portgual picking Guilherme de Oliveira. W Series candidate driver and Spanish F4 regular Belen Garcia is believed to be representing Spain, while French F4 racer Stuwie White has been linked to South Africa’s entry.