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DeFrancesco claims first oval Indy Pro 2000 pole at Gateway

by Ida Wood

Photo: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Andretti Steinbrenner Racing and Devlin DeFrancesco claimed their first oval pole position in Indy Pro 2000 at Gateway.

The drivers ran in reverse championship order in the late afternoon for a three-lap run that included one warm-up lap and then two timed circuits that equated to just over one minute.

DEForce Racing’s Kory Enders was the early pacesetter, until his team-mate Moises de la Vara very narrowly beat him.

Colin Kaminsky was next up for Pabst Racing and beat the DEForce pair despite being slower than de la Vara on his first lap, and it was a similar story with the next two DEForce cars on track.

Parker Thompson first lap was only good enough for second before venturing into 139mph territory on lap two to go top, with team-mate Manuel Sulaiman even slower on lap one but completing lap two at over 140mph.

Hunter McElrea couldn’t challenge them, but as the track got quicker it aided the late runners.

Exclusive Autorsport’s Braden Eves set a very strong first lap then kept that pace up for beat Sulaiman’s two-lap average, but that was almost matched by Juncos Racing’s Artem Petrov on just his warm-up. His first lap was then a 140.559mph, which he improved on even more set a sub-32s lap two at an average of speed of 141.292mph to claim pole by half a second.

Next up was Turn 3 Motorsport’s Danial Frost, and he set the fastest lap of the session on his warm-up. His tyres wouldn’t last though, as his stunning 141.948mph first lap was followed by a 137.440mph lap two after his car standed handling badly through the first two turns.

Despite the drop in pace that still made him second fastest, until Petrov’s team-mate Sting Ray Robb took to track and also set a 140mph average.

Last on track was points leader DeFrancesco, and while he couldn’t beat Frost’s fastest lap he was the only driver able to put in two laps at 141mph and took pole as a result.


Qualifying results
Pos Driver Team Speed
1 Devlin DeFrancesco Andretti Steinbrenner Racing 141.231mph
2 Artem Petrov Juncos Racing 140.924mph
3 Sting Ray Robb Juncos Racing 140.353mph
4 Danial Frost Turn 3 Motorsport 139.658mph
5 Braden Eves Exclusive Autosport 139.630mph
6 Manuel Sulaiman DEForce Racing 139.619mph
7 Parker Thompson DEForce Racing 138.948mph
8 Hunter McElrea Pabst Racing 138.921mph
9 Colin Kaminsky Pabst Racing 138.530mph
10 Moises de la Vara DEForce Racing 137.875mph
11 Kory Enders DEForce Racing 137.748mph
12 Antoine Comeau Turn 3 Motorsport 137.301mph
13 Jacob Abel Abel Motorsports 135.848mph
14 Kody Swanson Legacy Autosport 134.401mph
15 Charles Finelli FatBoy Racing 132.392mph