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Cresswell quickest as GB3 and GB4 test on Brands Hatch’s Indy layout

by Ida Wood

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

GB3 and GB4 will be racing on Brands Hatch’s Grand Prix layout this weekend, but both series tested on the track’s Indy layout today.

The day began with a 25-minute session for GB3, and Chris Dittmann Racing’s Zak Taylor laid down an initial 44.869s benchmark.

Afte three minutes that was beaten by Fortec Motorsports’ Max Esterson, with JHR Developments’ Matthew Rees knocking even more time off before Taylor returned to the top with a 43.564s.

Fortec’s Jarrod Waberski was next to go fastest, then moments later he was down to third as Rees and then Elite Motorsport’s McKenzy Cresswell set new markers to beat.

Waberski responded a minute later by becoming the first driver to lap sub-43, but eight minutes into the session he was back down to third as Hitech GP’s Alex Dunne set a 42.786s and Cresswell was just 0.008 seconds off that.

Rodin Carlin’s Callum Voisin lowered the pace to 42.655s after 12 minutes, with Douglas Motorsport’s Tymek Kucharczyk slotting into second. A few minutes later Arden duo Noah Ping and Nico Christodoulou went one-two and were split by just 0.029s. They held those positions to the finish.

GB4 then headed out, and KMR Sport’s Tom Mills was the driver to beat from the off. His best lap was a 45.436s, putting him 0.244s ahead of Fox Motorsport’s Liam McNeilly in second place. Fortec’s Colin Queen and Evans GP’s Cooper Webster completed the top four.

The morning ended with GB3’s second session, and fastest at first was Cresswell. Esterson and then Waberski lowered the pace, and by lap four Voisin was already sub-43s.

Dunne knocked him off top spot by 0.009s, but Voisin’s seventh lap – set five minutes in – returned him to first place by 0.003s.

Cresswell went 0.057s faster than Voisin a minute later, and a minute after that Dunne went fastest by 0.062s before most of the field were pit-bound.

Waberski got within 0.047s of Dunne in the session’s second half, but then went off at Paddock Hill Bend and caused red flags. Action resumed with two-and-a-half minutes left on the clock, and Kucharczyk reduced Dunne’s advantage to 0.041s.

Five minutes later GB4 went back out, with Mills continuing from where he left off at first. But Webster then usurped him with a 45.492s that would go unbeaten. There was a bried red flag period that appeared to be caused by Fortec’s test-only entry Dan Hickey, and later Mills improved to get within 0.033s of Webster.

GB3’s third session was disrupted by a red flag period caused by Ping getting beached in the Paddock Hill Bend gravel. Rees was on top almost from start to finish with a 42.810s, until Kucharczyk set a 42.701s after the finish.

Mills returned to first place in GB4’s third session, although Webster and then McNeilly spent most of it on top. A 45.357s set by Mills late on put him 0.022s ahead of McNeilly.

Little happened when GB3 went out for the last time, with Kucharczyk setting an early 42.738s benchmark and Cresswell finishing the session – and the day – as the fastest with a 42.518s. Kucharczyk was 0.059s slower, good enough for third overall behind Ping’s personal best from session one.

The day ended with GB4 on track, and Fortec’s Aditya Kulkarni was on top when Evans GP’s Thomas Lee brought out red flags. Josh Irfan went fastest when action resumed, and on Webster’s last lap he went fastest by 0.268s and set the day’s fastest lap.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 McKenzy Cresswell Elite Motorsport 42.518s 87
2 Noah Ping Arden VRD 42.576s +0.058s 68
3 Tymek Kurcharczyk Douglas Motorsport 42.577s +0.059s 100
4 James Hedley Arden VRD 42.600s +0.082s 93
5 Nico Christodoulou Arden VRD 42.605s +0.087s 64
6 Gerrard Xie Hillspeed 42.644s +0.126s 96
7 Callum Voisin Carlin 42.655s +0.137s 97
8 Alex Dunne Hitech GP 42.710s +0.192s 97
9 Jarrod Waberski Fortec Motorsports 42.781s +0.263s 79
10 Matthew Rees JHR Developments 42.810s +0.292s 54
11 Joseph Loake JHR Developments 42.821s +0.303s 86
12 Max Esterson Fortec Motorsports 42.870s +0.352s 93
13 John Bennett Carlin 42.904s +0.386s 99
14 Zak Taylor Chris Dittmann Racing 42.917s +0.399s 97
15 Shawn Rashid Douglas Motorsport 42.930s +0.412s 101
16 Oliver Stewart Elite Motorsport 43.937s +0.419s 97
17 Lucas Staico Douglas Motorsport 42.948s +0.430s 83
18 David Morales JHR Developments 43.012s +0.494s 90
19 Souta Arao Hitech GP 43.044s +0.526s 96
20 Michael Shin Hitech GP 43.067s +0.549s 81
21 Costa Toparis Carlin 43.117s +0.599s 101
22 Edward Pearson Fortec Motorsports 43.143s +0.625s 94
23 Arthur Rogeon Chris Dittmann Racing 43.155s +0.637s 85
24 Daniel Mavlyutov Hillspeed 43.304s +0.786s 93
1 Cooper Webster Evans GP 45.225s 99
2 Tom Mills KMR Sport 45.357s +0.132s 78
3 Liam McNeilly Fox Motorsport 45.379s +0.154s 67
4 Josh Irfan Elite Motorsport 45.493s +0.268s 82
5 Jack Clifford KMR Sport 45.600s +0.375s 89
6 Colin Queen Fortec Motorsports 45.615s +0.390s 80
7 Sid Smith Fox Motorsport 45.770s +0.545s 80
8 Kai Daryanani Evans GP 45.807s +0.582s 69
9 Harry Burgoyne Jr Graham Brunton Racing 45.845s +0.620s 90
10 Aditya Kulkarni Fortec Motorsports 45.861s +0.636s 81
11 Zack Ping Velocity Racing Development 45.908s +0.683s 83
12 Dan Hickey Fortec Motorsports 46.434s +1.209s 93
13 Seb Murray Graham Brunton Racing 46.436s +1.211s 89
14 Dylan Hotchin 47.242s +2.017s 71
15 Thomas Lee Evans GP 47.414s +2.189s 85