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Colnaghi claims pole as 0.913s covers top 28 in Spanish F4 qualifying

by Ida Wood

Photo: MP Motorsport

MP Motorsport’s Mattia Colnaghi claimed pole in the second Spanish Formula 4 qualifying session at Jarama on Sunday morning.

It was a closely contested session, with the top 28 drivers in the 35-car field covered by 0.913 seconds and with only 0.087s between Colnaghi and team-mate Lucas Fluxa in second place.

There was 20 minutes of track action, and Drivex School’s Matus Ryba initially set the pace with a 1m34.217s lap that put him 0.043s ahead of Fluxa.

Rodin Motorsport’s Thomas Strauven moved to the top five minutes in, setting a 1m32.700s to go 0.343s faster than Drivex’s Mikkel Pedersen. Fluxa improved in third, his team-mate Rene Lammers went fourth fastet and Drivex’s Juan Cota was 0.754s behind in fifth.

Daniel Nogales left it lightly late to do his second lap, and when he completed it he went into second place, 0.327s behind Strauven. The provisional poleman’s advantage was cut again six-and-a-half minutes in, as Campos Racing’s Andres Cardenas got within 0.011s of his pace.

Many improved on their next laps, although some chose to pit instead, with Cota lapping 0.096s off top spot and team-mate Francisco Macedo rising to sixth with a 1m32.999s. Ryba and Fluxa were now in ninth and 10th, behind Campos’s Enzo Tarnvanichkul and Rodin’s Peter Bouzinelos.

A new name appeared on top eight minutes in, as Campos’s Ernesto Rivera lowered the pace to 1m32.088s. His team-mates Jan Przyrowski and James Egozi were 0.16s and 0.287s slower repectively in second and third.

Moments later Campos filled the top six places, as Tarnvanichkul went second fastest, Nathan Tye jumped to fourth and Cardenas improved in fifth. When Strauven’s next lap came in the improvement only brought him up to third, 0.133s off pole, and he went into the session’s second half in fifth as Cardenas got within 0.002s of Rivera and Przyrowski improved in fourth.

With eight-and-a-half minutes remaining he was demoted to sixth by Egozi, and two minutes after that Fluxa went fourth fastest having dropped out of the top 25.

Two more contenders joined the pole battle after that, with Cram Motorsport’s Adam Hideg and Sainteloc Racing’s Matteo Quintarelli going third and fourth fastest. Fluxa set a new fastest lap with four minutes to go, a 1m31.908s, and with two-and-a-half minutes left Conaghi jumped from 19th to third.

His next lap then put him on pole, as Przyrowski and Strauven reversed their fall down the order by improving and slotting into fifth and sixth. Przyrowski gained another spot on his last lap, with 0.185s covering the top four.

Early pacesetter Ryba ended up qualifying 30th, 1.13s off the pace.

Qualifying results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Mattia Colnaghi MP Motorsport 1m31.821s 11
2 Lucas Fluxa MP Motorsport 1m31.908s +0.087s 12
3 Ernesto Rivera Campos Racing 1m31.931s +0.110s 9
4 Jan Przyrowski Campos Racing 1m32.006s +0.185s 12
5 Andres Cardenas Campos Racing 1m32.054s +0.233s 10
6 Thomas Strauven Rodin Motorsport 1m32.091s +0.270s 12
7 Adam Hideg Cram Motorsport 1m32.142s +0.321s 9
8 Matteo Quintarelli Sainteloc Racing 1m32.145s +0.324s 8
9 Enzo Tarnvanichkul Campos Racing 1m32.147s +0.326s 9
10 James Egozi Campos Racing 1m32.216s +0.395s 8
11 Nathan Tye Campos Racing 1m32.238s +0.417s 12
12 Juan Cota Drivex School 1m32.240s +0.419s 12
13 Peter Bouzinelos Rodin Motorsport 1m32.250s +0.429s 12
14 Francisco Macedo Drivex School 1m32.285s +0.464s 12
15 Yevan David Sainteloc Racing 1m32.313s +0.492s 7
16 Keanu Al Azhari MP Motorsport 1m32.330s +0.509s 10
17 Rene Lammers MP Motorsport 1m32.358s +0.537s 11
18 Preston Lambert Rodin Motorsport 1m32.367s +0.546s 12
19 Maciej Gladysz MP Motorsport 1m32.469s +0.648s 12
20 Lenny Ried Monlau Motorsport 1m32.558s +0.737s 11
21 Daniel Nogales Drivex School 1m32.583s +0.762s 13
22 Filippo Fiorentino Cram Motorsport 1m32.585s +0.764s 12
23 Griffin Peebles MP Motorsport 1m32.601s +0.780s 11
24 Gustav Wisniewski Tecnicar Motorsport 1m32.672s +0.851s 10
25 Tim Gerhards Monlau Motorsport 1m32.680s +0.859s 8
26 Cristian Cantu TC Racing 1m32.717s +0.896s 10
27 Kirill Kutskov Global Racing Service 1m32.734s +0.913s 11
28 Mikkel Pedersen Drivex School 1m32.734s +0.913s 12
29 Gabriel Gomez TC Racing 1m32.877s +1.056s 10
30 Matus Ryba Drivex School 1m32.951s +1.130s 13
31 Maxi Restrepo Sainteloc Racing 1m32.995s +1.174s 10
32 Rehan Hakim Monlau Motorsport 1m33.081s +1.260s 11
33 Lorenzo Castillo Tecnicar Motorsport 1m33.122s +1.301s 10
34 Douwe Dedecker Global Racing Service 1m33.143s +1.322s 11
35 Wiktor Dobrzanski Tecnicar Motorsport 1m33.180s +1.359s 10