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Camara fastest in Italian F4 test at Monza, Ferreira and Taponen join in

by Ida Wood

Photo: ACI Sport

Prema’s Rafael Camara was fastest in Italian Formula 4’s two-day test at Monza, with the second day being washed out.

In total 44 drivers attended the test, and were split into two groups. Group A ran first on Thursday, and Group B went out first on Friday.

US Racing’s Marcus Amand kicked off the test by topping Group A’s first session by a huge 0.756 seconds over the Iron Lynx-run Maya Weug and Niko Lacorte. However his team-mates Kacper Sztuka and Ginetta Junior driver Akshay Bohra failed to register laptimes.

Prema’s Andrea Kimi Antonelli bettered Amand by setting a 1m53.974s in Group B, heading team-mates Conrad Laursen and James Wharton.

Amand continued to reign in his second second, reclaiming the overall top spot with a 1m53.889s. It put him just 0.086s clear of Van Amersfoort Racing’s Martinius Stenshorne.

Wurz lowered the pace further in Group B (and would go no faster after) and had team-mates Camara and Antonelli lapping within a tenth of his 1m53.638s.

Sztuka started the afternoon with a rapid 1m53.085s lap, with Stenshorne, Amand and VAR’s Arvid Lindblad the only drivers in a second of his pace.

BVM Racing’s Alfio Spina pipped Antonelli in Group B’s third session, and Sztuka was fastest again in session four for Group A. His benchmark lap was bettered at the end of Thursday though as Camara set a 1m53.058s.

Laptimes were over 10s slower on Friday, and Wharton was first to top a session.

Ahead in Group A’s first running of the day was Hadrien David. The Formula Regional driver was driving for R-ace GP and told Formula Scout he was “just helping” the team by being in the car. Second fastest was US’s Alex Dunne, who along with CIK-FIA World Karting champion and Formula Academy Finland race-winner Tuukka Taponen at Iron Lynx had missed Thursday.

Prema’s Ugo Ugochukwu and Antonelli had a big margin at the top in the next session, while Camara only set two laps then missed the afternoon action.

The remaining sessions were topped Stenshorne, Laursen, VAR’s Emmo Fittipaldi, Ugochukwu and Dunne.

PHM Racing’s line-up included Danish F4 race-winner Mika Abrahams and German karting champion Maxim Rehm, as well as one unnamed driver.

Karters to test included Alpine Academy affiliate Matheus Ferreira and Rashid Al Dhaheri at AKM Motorsport, Matteo de Palo at R-ace and Ferrari-backed Laura Camps Torras at Iron Lynx.

Through the test there were red flag periods caused by drivers who crashed or stopped on track, including Pedro Perino, Elia Sperandio, Fittipaldi, Lindblad, Victoria Blokhina, Giovanni Maschio (driving for MDE Events rather than AS Motorsport), David, Jules Castro and Amand.

R-ace and Trident were also running FRegional cars at Monza, with GB3 race-winner Max Esterson in one of Trident’s cars.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Rafael Camara Prema 1m53.038s 89
2 Kacper Sztuka US Racing 1m53.085s +0.047s 128
3 Martinius Stenshorne Van Amersfoort Racing 1m53.402s +0.364s 144
4 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Prema 1m53.461s +0.423s 146
5 Marcus Amand US Racing 1m53.508s +0.470s 107
6 Alfio Spina BVM Racing 1m53.600s +0.562s 132
7 Charlie Wurz Prema 1m53.638s +0.600s 139
8 Jonas Ried PHM Racing 1m53.651s +0.613s 133
9 James Wharton Prema 1m53.675s +0.637s 139
10 Conrad Laursen Prema 1m53.696s +0.658s 133
11 Matheus Ferreira AKM Motorsport 1m53.799s +0.761s 149
12 Zachary David US Racing 1m53.849s +0.811s 131
13 Ugo Ugochukwu Prema 1m53.859s +0.821s 136
14 Arvid Lindblad Van Amersfoort Racing 1m53.945s +0.907s 140
15 Brando Badoer Van Amersfoort Racing 1m54.004s +0.966s 128
16 Valentin Kluss Jenzer Motorsport 1m54.025s +0.987s 135
17 Pedro Perino US Racing 1m54.042s +1.004s 85
18 Hadrien David R-ace GP 1m54.071s +1.033s 98
19 Niko Lacorte Cetilar Racing 1m54.109s +1.071s 137
20 Maya Weug Iron Lynx 1m54.110s +1.072s 70
21 Akshay Bohra US Racing 1m54.154s +1.116s 123
22 Kim Hwarang BVM Racing 1m54.172s +1.134s 145
23 Alex Partyshev Jenzer Motorsport 1m54.225s +1.187s 143
24 Emmo Fittipaldi Van Amersfoort Racing 1m54.250s +1.212s 129
25 Matteo De Palo R-ace GP 1m54.264s +1.226s 115
26 Jules Castro Van Amersfoort Racing 1m54.269s +1.231s 143
27 Rashid Al Dhaheri AKM Motorsport 1m54.272s +1.234s 132
28 Ivan Domingues Iron Lynx 1m54.359s +1.321s 128
29 Mika Abrahams PHM Racing 1m54.359s +1.321s 117
30 Ethan Ischer Jenzer Motorsport 1m54.490s +1.452s 99
31 F Narac R-ace GP 1m54.627s +1.589s 150
32 Frederik Lund R-ace GP 1m54.655s +1.617s 148
33 Victoria Blokhina PHM Racing 1m54.693s +1.655s 119
34 Georgios Markogiannis Cram Motorsport 1m54.854s +1.816s 146
35 #155 PHM Racing 1m55.077s +2.039s 140
36 Maxim Rehm PHM Racing 1m55.140s +2.102s 132
37 Francisco Soldavini Maffi Racing 1m55.212s +2.174s 99
38 Ruiqi Liu AKM Motorsport 1m55.297s +2.259s 146
39 Giovanni Maschio MDE Events 1m55.839s +2.801s 118
40 Elia Sperandio Maffi Racing 1m56.076s +3.038s 93
41 Ismail Akhmed AKM Motorsport 1m56.385s +3.347s 117
42 Laura Camps Torras Iron Lynx 1m57.074s +4.036s 126
43 Alex Dunne US Racing 2m03.285s +10.247s 71
44 Tuukka Taponen Iron Lynx 2m04.850s +11.812s 63