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Bearman tops day one of first in-season Italian F4 test at Misano

by Ida Wood

Photo: ACI Sport

The first in-season Italian Formula 4 test of the year started at Misano on Wednesday

The 35-car entry list was split into two groups for four sessions each, and teams having all of their cars run in the same group.

Among the Group A teams were Prema and AKM Motorsport, again running Sauber junior Christian Ho, and it was Prema’s Kirill Smal who set the pace in the first session of the day with a 1m35.690s lap.

Jenzer Motorsport, R-ace GP and Van Amersfoort Racing ran in Group B, and there was lots of swapping around at the top in their first session. First it was Victor Bernier, than Francesco Braschi, Bence Valint, Braschi again and then finally Valint again with a 1m35.724s, with the top four covered by 0.090 seconds.

Iron Lynx’s Leonardo Fornaroli lowered the pace to 1m35.263s in Group A’s second session, while VAR’s Ollie Bearman topped Group B with his team-mates Valint and Cenyu Han just 0.010s and 0.044s slower.

Prema team-mates Smal and Sebastian Montoya were the top two in session three, while Bearman led Valint in the equivalent session and improved to a 1m35.073s.

Quite a few drivers set their personal bests earlier in the day, but the final session for each group was on a grippier track.

In Group A it was BVM Racing’s Francesco Simonazzi who was fastest, just 0.001s off Bearman’s benchmark, ahead of Fornaroli and Smal – who along with team-mate Hamda Al Qubaisi was one of only two not to improve.

Group B ran after, and Jenzer’s Piotr Wisnicki spent some time at the top before Bearman went quickest again and with the very last lap of the day also set the fastest: a 1m34.712s.

Driving for AS Motorsport was Kinga Wojcik, who currently competes in the Polish Karting Championship.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Ollie Bearman Van Amersfoort Racing 1m34.712s 93
2 Bence Valint Van Amersfoort Racing 1m35.066s +0.354s 94
3 Francesco Simonazzi BVM Racing 1m35.074s +0.362s 78
4 Joshua Dufek Van Amersfoort Racing 1m35.150s +0.438s 90
5 Leonardo Fornaroli Iron Lynx 1m35.175s +0.463s 85
6 Francesco Braschi Jenzer Motorsport 1m35.278s +0.566s 83
7 Kirill Smal Prema 1m35.289s +0.577s 77
8 Nikita Bedrin Van Amersfoort Racing 1m35.371s +0.659s 100
9 Sebastian Montoya Prema 1m35.373s +0.661s 78
10 Joshua Duerksen Mucke Motorsport 1m35.392s +0.680s 83
11 Cenyu Han Van Amersfoort Racing 1m35.394s +0.682s 86
12 Piotr Wisnicki Jenzer Motorsport 1m35.403s +0.691s 79
13 Maya Weug Iron Lynx 1m35.429s +0.717s 77
14 Charlie Wurz Prema 1m35.472s +0.760s 80
15 Victor Bernier R-ace GP 1m35.476s +0.764s 90
16 Kacper Sztuka AS Motorsport 1m35.484s +0.772s 91
17 Hamda Al Qubaisi Prema 1m35.521s +0.809s 72
18 Eron Rexhepi BVM Racing 1m35.640s +0.928s 77
19 Sami Meguetounif R-ace GP 1m35.689s +0.977s 87
20 Nicolas Baptiste Cram Motorsport 1m35.690s +0.978s 103
21 Lorenzo Patrese AKM Motorsport 1m35.703s +0.991s 79
22 Marcus Amand R-ae GP 1m35.747s +1.035s 84
23 Santiago Ramos Jenzer Motorsport 1m35.816s +1.104s 92
24 Samir Ben Jenzer Motorsport 1m35.902s +1.190s 75
25 Jorge Garciarce Jenzer Motorsport 1m35.944s +1.232s 75
26 Christian Ho AKM Motorsport 1m35.949s +1.237s 93
27 Leonardo Bizzotto BVM Racing 1m35.972s +1.260s 85
28 Maceo Capietto Prema 1m36.037s +1.325s 78
29 Pedro Perino DR Formula 1m36.150s +1.438s 80
30 Erick Zuniga Mucke Motorsport 1m36.181s +1.469s 83
31 Pietro Armanni Iron Lynx 1m36.383s +1.671s 68
32 Vittorio Catino Cram Motorsport 1m36.395s +1.683s 100
33 Jonas Ried Mucke Motorsport 1m36.443s +1.731s 85
34 Levente Revesz AKM Motorsport 1m36.461s +1.749s 54
35 Kinga Wojcik AS Motorsport 1m42.845s +8.133s 64