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Barnard fastest, Bearman at BVM on day two of Italian F4’s Monza test

by Ida Wood

Photo: ADAC

BWR Motorsports’ Taylor Barnard topped day two of Italian Formula 4’s in-season Monza test.

Several teams tested at Adria before coming to Monza, and there were more cars present on Wednesday at the circuit.

The morning session was interrupted by Italian Karting champion Alfio Spina, testing with BWR, stopping on track and causing red flags to be waved, and it wasn’t until halfway through running that representative laptimes were set.

Cram Motorsport’s karter Rafael Camara posted a 1m58.048s to go fastest, ahead of Jenzer Motorsport’s Santiago Ramos and Prema’s day one pacesetter Sebastian Montoya.

Camara quickly brought the pace into the 1m56s, then Prema sent out its drivers and four of them broke into the 1m55s with Kirill Smal fastest.

Leonardo Fornaroli bettered Smal with 70 minutes to go, as Jenzer’s Francesco Braschi got stranded on track, and then moved into the 1m54s.

Jenzer’s Piotr Wisnicki and Cram’s Cenyu Han were briefly Fornaroli’s closest rivals in the final hour, before Camara went quickest with 45 minutes to go.

Fornaroli was gradually shuffled down the order, and Camara improved to 1m54.823s. He decided to pit early though, which barely anyone else did, and in the final minutes Fornaroli snatched the fastest lap back.

Smal was marginally slower than Camara in third, ahead of Montoya, Lorenzo Patrese (AKM Motorsport), Wisnicki, Pedro Perino (US Racing) and championship leader Ollie Bearman who drove for BVM Racing as Van Amersfoort Racing was absent.

He was joined at the team by British F4 racer Oliver Gray, who spent most of the session in the garage.

Gray was first on track in the afternoon, and Fornaroli was first to get on the pace. It was Wisnicki who spent most of the session on top though while most sat in the pits, having set a 1m53.826s in hour two of four.

After a late red flag, it all changed in the final four minutes. Barnard, 28th fastest in the morning, set the quickest lap of the day. Camara also improved to second, ahead of Wisnicki and Montoya.

Vlad Lomko drove US Racing’s #70 car in the morning, with Tim Tramnitz taking over for the afternoon.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Taylor Barnard BWR Motorsports 1m53.489s 70
2 Leonardo Fornaroli Iron Lynx 1m53.582s +0.093s 96
3 Rafael Camara Cram Motorsport 1m53.682s +0.193s 95
4 Piotr Wisnicki Jenzer Motorsport 1m53.826s +0.337s 64
5 Kirill Smal Prema 1m53.850s +0.361s 97
6 Sebastian Montoya Prema 1m54.001s +0.512s 96
7 Lorenzo Patrese AKM Motorsport 1m54.027s +0.538s 77
8 Joshua Dufek Mucke Motorsport 1m54.107s +0.618s 83
9 Francesco Braschi Jenzer Motorsport 1m54.128s +0.639s 95
10 Pedro Perino US Racing 1m54.169s +0.680s 91
11 Ollie Bearman BVM Racing 1m54.195s +0.706s 78
12 Kimi Andrea Antonelli Prema 1m54.254s +0.765s 102
13 Santiago Ramos Jenzer Motorsport 1m54.280s +0.791s 83
14 Tim Tramnitz US Racing 1m54.284s +0.795s 54
15 Hamda Al Qubaisi Prema 1m54.399s +0.910s 103
16 Leonardo Bizzotto BVM Racing 1m54.452s +0.963s 71
17 Alfio Spina BWR Motorsports 1m54.455s +0.966s 88
18 Vlad Lomko US Racing 1m54.462s +0.973s 44
19 Conrad Laursen Prema 1m54.488s +0.999s 99
20 Maceo Capietto Prema 1m54.515s +1.026s 97
21 Pietro Armanni Iron Lynx 1m54.515s +1.026s 80
22 Cenyu Han Cram Motorsport 1m54.572s +1.083s 32
23 Jorge Garciarce Jenzer Motorsport 1m54.598s +1.109s 83
24 Oliver Gray BVM Racing 1m54.696s +1.207s 68
25 Nicolas Baptiste Cram Motorsport 1m54.705s +1.216s 101
26 Maya Weug Iron Lynx 1m54.946s +1.457s 85
27 Brando Badoer AKM Motorsport 1m54.947s +1.458s 74
28 Samir Ben Jenzer Motorsport 1m55.038s +1.549s 87
29 Levente Revesz AKM Motorsport 1m55.070s +1.581s 87
30 Marcos Flack Cram Motorsport 1m55.145s +1.656s 93
31 Kacper Sztuka AS Motorsport 1m55.174s +1.685s 92
32 Nikhil Bohra AKM Motorsport 1m55.265s +1.776s 84
33 Kim Hwarang Jenzer Motorsport 1m55.579s +2.090s 53
34 Victoria Blokhina Mucke Motorsport 1m56.437s +2.948s 85
35 Kinga Wojcik AS Motorsport 1m57.068s +3.579s 67