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Al Azhari takes his first Spanish F4 win behind the safety car

by Ida Wood

Photo: Spanish F4

Keanu Al Azhari claimed his first Spanish Formula 4 win at Algarve in a race that finished behind the safety car.

The MP Motorsport driver made a strong start from pole and had a 0.852-second lead over Campos Racing’s Ernesto Rivera at the end of lap one. A spin for Eloi Gonzalez and Tim Gerhards stopping on track on lap two led to the safety car’s first appearance, and racing did not resume until lap six.

This time Al Azhari built a 0.587s lead within a lap, and Rivera then came under pressure from MP’s Mattia Colnaghi. At the start of lap seven he defended down the pit straight, but then left the door open at turn one and Colnaghi went past.

Rivera tried reclaiming second place at the hairpin, then later in the lap Colnaghi went off while defending but stayed ahead. At another corner Rivera went off as he tried going side-by-side with him, and ended up dropping to sixth behind Rene Lammers, James Egozi and Thomas Strauven.

Lammers and Egozi had been battling each other, and were so preoccupied in doing o that on lap eight Rodin Motorsport’s Thomas Strauven was able to go around the outside of both at turn one. Jan Przyrowski and points leader Lucas Fluxa later got past Rivera, and Fluxa started to attack Lammers before the safety car returned on lap 12 due to an incident involving Matteo Quintarelli and Mikkel Pedersen.

There was not enough time for a restart after that, as Wiktor Dobrzanski stopped at turn two on lap 15 and it meant the safety car stayed on track for the next lap which was the last.

That guaranteed Al Azhari’s victory, with Colnaghi and Strauven in second and third. Strauven had passed Egozi on lap one, and set the race’s fastest lap to earn an extra point.

Yevan David went from 18th to 12th, than fell to 18th again before recovering to 13th between the safety car periods.

Race results (16 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Keanu Al Azhari MP Motorsport 33m34.954s
2 Mattia Colnaghi MP Motorsport +0.652s
3 Thomas Strauven Rodin Motorsport +0.960s
4 James Egozi Campos Racing +1.192s
5 Rene Lammers MP Motorsport +2.217s
6 Lucas Fluxa Cram Motorsport +2.348s
7 Jan Przyrowski Campos Racing +3.184s
8 Ernesto Rivera Campos Racing +3.563s
9 Griffin Peebles MP Motorsport +3.997s
10 Andres Cardenas Campos Racing +4.433s
11 Nathan Tye Campos Racing +4.791s
12 Maciej Gladysz MP Motorsport +5.819s
13 Yevan David Sainteloc Racing +5.994s
14 Peter Bouzinelos Rodin Motorsport +6.145s
15 Enzo Tarnvanichkul Campos Racing +6.541s
16 Filippo Fiorentino Cram Motorsport +7.115s
17 Francisco Macedo Drivex School +7.262s
18 Preston Lambert Rodin Motorsport +8.323s
19 Adam Hideg Cram Motorsport +8.637s
20 Matus Ryba Drivex School +9.511s
21 Maxi Restrepo Sainteloc Racing +9.923s
22 Alexander Jacoby Global Racing Service +11.146s
23 Lenny Ried Monlau Motorsport +11.759s
24 Juan Cota Drivex School +11.947s
25 Cristian Cantu TC Racing +12.383s
26 Rehan Hakim Monlau Motorsport +13.091s
27 Lorenzo Castillo Tecnicar Motorsport +13.744s
28 Lia Block Global Racing Service +14.513s
29 Douwe Dedecker Global Racing Service +15.369s
Ret Wiktor Dobrzanski Tecnicar Motorsport
Ret Gustaw Wisniewski Tecnicar Motorsport
Ret Matteo Quintarelli Sainteloc Racing
Ret Mikkel Pedersen Drivex School
Ret Gabriel Gomez TC Racing
Ret Eloi Gonzalez Drivex School
Ret Tim Gerhards Monlau Motorsport
Fastest lap: Strauven, 1m44.808s

Championship standings
1 Fluxa 60   2 Al Azhari 60   3 Strauven 51   4 Gladysz 25   5 Colnaghi 24   6 Rivera 24   7 Egozi 22   8 Przyrowski 21   9 Bouzinelos 20   10 Lammers 20