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Sztuka edges Lindblad by 0.064s on day two of F4 test at Mugello

by Ida Wood

Photo: ACI Sport

US Racing’s Kacper Sztuka was fastest on the second day of Formula 4 testing at Mugello, and by just 0.064 seconds over Prema’s Arvid Lindblad.

Sztuka was already close to his ultimate pace in the opening session of Wedneday, setting a 1m47.780s to lead Lindblad by 0.037s. Van Amersfoort Racing’s Mattheus Ferreira was third fastest, and his 1m48.018s laptime ended up being his fastest of the day. The top 19 were covere by 0.939s in the first session.

It was Sztuka who was on top again in the second session, and he made a slim improvement of 0.027s by setting a 1m47.753s. That would stand as the benchmark laptime of the two-day test, and within the session it was a marker that nobody got near to.

His team-mate Akshay Bohra was second fastest, 0.524s off the pace, with Zachary David completing a US Racing 1-2-3 while going 0.741s slower than Sztuka. Lindblad and BVM Racing’s Alfio Spina were the only other two drivers within a second of the pace.

Session three in the afternoon was considerably slower, with a 1m48.904s good enough to put David at the top of the timesheet by 0.2s over Sztuka. Bohra was a further 0.08s behind, and Freddie Slater was fourth fastest. Although Slater raced for Prema in Euro 4’s Monza round last weekend, this week he has been testing with Van Amersfoort Racing.

The track got slightly faster in the day’s final session, but drivers were not lapping at the speed they did in the morning. Ugo Ugochukwu set a 1m48.375s to top the times by just 0.018s over Lindblad, with Tuukka Taponen completing a Prema-filled top three that were covere by 0.023s.

Higher level single-seaters ran in seperate sessions, and Euroformula points leader Noel Leon set the pace among the drivers in GP3 cars. There was just 0.196s covering the top three Formula Regional drivers.

The Italian F4 championship races at Mugello next weekend, and it has just announced that its visit to the track next season has been pushed back a week to July 13/14.

Day one results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Noel Leon Trident 1m36.073s 58
2 #46 XTM Motorsport 1m36.206s +0.133s 58
3 Laurens van Hoepen Jenzer Motorsport 1m36.344s +0.271s 46
4 Charlie Wurz Jenzer Motorsport 1m36.860s +0.787s 65
5 Lorenzo Fluxa Trident 1m37.264s +1.191s 56
6 Max Esterson Jenzer Motorsport 1m37.424s +1.351s 65
1 #903 R-ace GP 1m43.721s 63
2 Pedro Clerot Van Amersfoort Racing 1m43.725s +0.004s 80
3 Ivan Domingues Van Amersfoort Racing 1m43.917s +0.196s 64
4 #28 G4 Racing 1m43.940s +0.219s 73
5 #1 R-ace GP 1m44.522s +0.801s 31
6 Yaroslav Veselaho Winfield Racing School 1m46.937s +3.216s 34
7 #24 G4 Racing 1m48.712s +4.991s 53
Formula 4
1 Kacper Sztuka US Racing 1m47.753s 71
2 Arvid Lindblad Prema 1m47.817s +0.064s 63
3 Matheus Ferreira Van Amersfoort Racing 1m48.018s +0.265s 68
4 James Wharton Prema 1m48.062s +0.309s 61
5 Zachary David US Racing 1m48.146s +0.393s 65
6 Akshay Bohra US Racing 1m48.160s +0.407s 68
7 Rashid Al Dhaheri Prema 1m48.292s +0.539s 62
8 Tuukka Taponen Prema 1m48.308s +0.555s 64
9 Ugo Ugochukwu Prema 1m48.375s +0.622s 60
10 Gianmarco Pradel US Racing 1m48.448s +0.695s 68
11 Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi PHM Racing 1m48.462s +0.709s 62
12 Ruiqi Liu US Racing 1m48.517s +0.764s 70
13 Jack Beeton Van Amersfoort Racing 1m48.537s +0.784s 68
14 Raphael Narac R-ace GP 1m48.543s +0.790s 71
15 Freddie Slater Van Amersfoort Racing 1m48.553s +0.800s 69
16 James Egozi PHM Racing 1m48.576s +0.823s 70
17 Ethan Ischer Jenzer Motorsport 1m48.631s +0.878s 61
18 Niko Lacorte Prema 1m48.680s +0.927s 62
19 Alfio Spina BVM Racing 1m48.709s +0.956s 69
20 Ariel Elkin Jenzer Motorsport 1m48.852s +1.099s 68
21 Kim Hwarang Jenzer Motorsport 1m48.940s +1.187s 65
22 Matteo Quintarelli R-ace GP 1m48.967s +1.214s 71
23 Valentin Kluss PHM Racing 1m49.061s +1.308s 78
24 Tina Hausmann AKM Motorsport 1m49.120s +1.367s 54
25 Pablo Sarrazin Van Amersfoort Racing 1m49.125s +1.372s 67
26 Alex Powell Prema 1m49.329s +1.576s 70
27 #50 AKM Motorsport 1m49.369s +1.616s 69
28 Lin Hodenius Van Amersfoort Racing 1m49.389s +1.636s 72
29 Giacomo Pedrini PHM Racing 1m49.593s +1.840s 74
30 Finn Wiebelhaus AS Motorsport 1m49.604s +1.851s 14
31 Simon Zhang Jenzer Motorsport 1m49.625s +1.872s 65
32 #71 Molnar BVM Racing 1m49.808s +2.055s 70
33 #19 US Racing 1m49.927s +2.174s 70
34 #60 AKM 4 AKM Motorsport 1m50.079s +2.326s 70
35 Lucas Viisoreanu Real Racing Team 1m50.152s +2.399s 62
36 Manuel Quondamcarlo AS Motorsport 1m50.159s +2.406s 72
37 Victoria Blokhina PHM Racing 1m50.226s +2.473s 65
38 Frederik Lund AKM Motorsport 1m50.316s +2.562s 75
39 Ismail Akhmed Van Amersfoort Racing 1m50.555s +2.802s 54