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Hughes tops USFP2000’s Mid-Ohio test, Papasavvas fastest in USF2000

by Ida Wood

Photo: Gavin Baker Photography

USF Pro 2000 and USF2000 teams tested at Mid-Ohio this week, with heavy rain restricting running on the first day.

Both series had three 40-minute sessions each on Wednesday and Thursday.

In USFP2000 the only driver to head out in session one was TJ Speed’s Cooper Becklin, and he immediately returned to the pits both times which meant he did not set a laptime.

The track was completely empty in session two, but in session three 15 drivers completed at least 10 laps each. Velocity Racing Development’s Nico Christodoulou set the pace with a 1m28.3479s, going 0.05579 seconds faster than Turn 3 Motorsport’s Lochie Hughes in second place.

Hughes’ team-mate Danny Dyszelski was a further 0.1605s behind in third, with Jace Denmark (Pabst Racing), Mac Clark (DEForce Racing) and Christian Brooks (Pabst) also within a second of Christodoulou.

Laptimes were immediately faster in the dry on Thursday, and Exclusive Autosport’s Braden Eves topped session four with a 1m20.2032s. Hughes was 0.0323s behind, while Becklin and Clark were more than 0.35s back in third and fourth. There was 0.876s between first and 10th in the 18-car field.

Everyone improved in session five, and a 1m19.3776s from Eves gave him a 0.1526s gap to Christodoulou. Just 0.0964s split Dyszelski in third and Turn 3’s Ethan Ho in sixth, all within 0.4s of Eves. Becklin completed a top 12 covered by 0.9795s.

Eves sank to seventh in session six, as Hughes edged Dyszelski by 0.0644s and Brooks by 0.0934s with a test-topping 1m18.9361s. Clark was 0.1206s behind in fourth, with Sikes and Denmark also ahead of Eves. He trailed Hughes by 0.4624s, and along with BN Racing’s Nicolas Baptiste was a non-improver. Hunter Yeany replaced Christodoulou and was 17th fastest.

There was a similar pattern to USF2000’s track action. Session one featured two drivers, with DC Autosport’s Carson Etter seting a 1m49.3105s to lead Exclusive’s Giovanni Cabrera by 1.6324s. Six drivers left the pits in session two, but only Jay Howard Driver Development’s G3 Argyros and Cabrera set laps. Ayrgros’s best was a 1m53.9088s, 5.9031s quicker than Cabrera.

There were 15 drivers in session three. DEForce’s Brady Golan lowered the pace to 1m38.9735s, pipping Exclusive’s Evan Cooley by 0.08s. JHDD’s Michael Costello was 0.2146s behind in third, and Pabst’s Max Garcia was 0.582s slower than Golan in fourth. Argyros set no laps.

Once the sun appeared on Thursday, 17 drivers were active in the early morning session. DEForce’s Nicolas Giaffone set a new 1m25.0504s benchmark, leading JHDD’s Evagoras Papasavvas by 0.1167s and a top 10 covered by 0.5845s.

Everyone set personal bests, and did so again in session five when Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing Development’s Elliot Cox was fastest with a 1m23.7992s. Argyros trailed by 0.2884s in second place, with Garcia 0.3954s behind in third.

Session six was even faster, with a 1m23.2542s from Papasavvas putting him 0.0752s ahead of Exclusive’s Joey Brienza and 0.0832s clear of Cox. There was a gap of 0.2516s to Costello in fourth, and 0.766s to Pabst’s Sam Corry in fifth. Argyros and Golan were non-improvers.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Lochie Hughes Turn 3 Motorsport 1m18.9361s 78
2 Danny Dyszelski Turn 3 Motorsport 1m19.0005s +0.0644s 89
3 Christian Brooks Pabst Racing 1m19.0295s +0.0934s 90
4 Mac Clark DEForce Racing 1m19.0567s +0.1206s 77
5 Simon Sikes Pabst Racing 1m19.2384s +0.3023s 89
6 Jace Denmark Pabst Racing 1m19.2805s +0.3444s 86
7 Braden Eves Exclusive Autosport 1m19.3776s +0.4415s 82
8 Nico Christodoulou VRD 1m19.5302s +0.5941s 64
9 Ethan Ho Turn 3 Motorsport 1m19.5404s +0.6043s 91
10 Jorge Garciarce DEForce Racing 1m19.6755s +0.7394s 75
11 Nicolas Baptiste BN Racing 1m19.6973s +0.7612s 60
12 Liam Sceats TJ Speed 1m19.7173s +0.7812s 81
13 Cooper Becklin TJ Speed 1m19.7768s +0.8407s 90
14 Ricardo Escotto BN Racing 1m19.9418s +1.0057s 48
15 Tyke Durst Turn 3 Motorsport 1m19.9967s +1.0606s 74
16 Logan Adams Comet/NCMP Racing 1m20.0020s +1.0659s 71
17 Nicholas Monteiro DEForce Racing 1m20.1159s +1.1798s 74
18 Hunter Yeany VRD 1m20.2777s +1.3416s 21
19 Arturo Flores BN Racing 1m20.9526s +2.0165s 72
1 Evagoras Papasavvas JHDD 1m23.2542s 74
2 Joey Brienza Exclusive Autosport 1m23.3294s +0.0752s 75
3 Elliot Cox SFHRD 1m23.3374s +0.0832s 72
4 Michael Costello JHDD 1m23.5058s +0.2516s 70
5 Sam Corry Pabst Racing 1m24.0202s +0.7660s 73
6 Hudson Schwartz Pabst Racing 1m24.0212s +0.7670s 77
7 Max Garcia Pabst Racing 1m24.0662s +0.8120s 83
8 G3 Argyros JHDD 1m24.0876s +0.8334s 65
9 Nicolas Giaffone DEForce Racing 1m24.1553s +0.9011s 72
10 Evan Cooley Exclusive Autosport 1m24.3275s +1.0733s 71
11 Lucas Fecury DEForce Racing 1m24.5011s +1.2469s 69
12 Carson Etter DC Autosport 1m24.6189s +1.3647s 85
13 Maxwell Jamieson DEForce Racing 1m24.6881s +1.4339s 73
14 Xavier Kokai VRD 1m24.8048s +1.5506s 74
15 Brady Golan DEForce Racing 1m25.4012s +2.1470s 49
16 Jace Bacon JHDD 1m25.8049s +2.5507s 39
17 Giovanni Cabrera Exclusive Autosport 1m26.0334s +2.7792s 84