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Enzo Peugeot fastest in red-flagged French F4 practice at Magny-Cours

by Ida Wood

Enzo Peugeot pipped Evan Giltaire to the top of the times in free practice for the second round of the French Formula 4 season at Magny-Cours.

Peugeot was fastest from the early stages of the half-hour session, being first to break into the 1m43s while Giltaire was still lapping in the 1m45s in second place.

After 10 minutes that was still the case, with Peugeot on top by 1.645 seconds and with Pierre Edgar 1.938s back in third. Kevin Foster then moved up to third place, but he was still 1.894s off the pace.

Both he and Peugeot improved on their next laps, with Pegueot setting a 1m43.330s and Foster a 1m43.806s. Yani Stevenheydens rose up to third, 0.996s slower than Peugeot’s new benchmark.

Foster had even more pace in his next lap, and he set a 1m42.616s to go fastest, with only Peugeot and Stevenheydens within two seconds of him at the session’s halfway point. Championship leader Giltaire meanwhile had dropped to 10th.

Peugeot responded to Foster by reclaiming first place, going faster than him by 0.116s, while Giltaire jumped back up to third – 0.404s off the pace – and Max Reis got within a second of Peugeot in fourth place.

There was then an off by Edgar at turn three, but he managed to return to track, while Hiyu Yamakoshi was not so lucky and stopped at turn 10, prompting the session to be red flagged.

Giltaire had set a new benchmark just before the flags came out, going 0.034s faster than Peugeot, and when practice restarted there was just over five minutes left on the clock.

Peugeot returned to the top in the final two minutes, setting a 1m42.110s, with with one minute to go Giltaire set a 1m41.519s and Foster posted a 1m42.005s to shuffle Peugeot down to third.

However Peugeot had timed his return to track best, as he set a 1m41.287s with 13 seconds to go before the chequered flag. That left him time to do one more lap than his rivals, who crossed the line moments after him.

Giltaire improved to 1m41.292s, putting him just 0.005s off the top, then that gap increased to 0.064s when Peugeot finished his final lap.

Foster did not improve on his last lap, and was 0.777s back in third, with Romain Andriolo and Garrett Berry the only other two drivers within a second of the pace. Berry was warned during the session for track limits abuse.

Free practice results
Pos Driver Time Gap Laps
1 Enzo Peugeot 1m41.228s 14
2 Evan Giltaire 1m41.292s +0.064s 13
3 Kevin Foster 1m42.005s +0.777s 13
4 Romain Andriolo 1m42.129s +0.901s 13
5 Garrett Berry 1m42.132s +0.904s 14
6 Enzo Richer 1m42.439s +1.211s 13
7 Paul Alberto 1m42.556s +1.328s 13
8 Leonardo Megna 1m42.667s +1.439s 13
9 Yani Stevenheydens 1m42.844s +1.616s 13
10 Adrien Closmenil 1m42.874s +1.646s 13
11 Max Reis 1m43.499s +2.271s 10
12 Tom Kalender 1m43.715s +2.487s 13
13 Joao Paulo Diaz Balesteiro 1m43.901s +2.673s 13
14 Jason Leung 1m43.976s +2.748s 13
15 Louis Schlesser 1m43.976s +2.748s 13
16 Gabriel Doyle-Parfait 1m44.258s +3.030s 12
17 Karel Schulz 1m44.371s +3.143s 12
18 Edgar Pierre 1m44.438s +3.210s 13
19 Pol Lopez 1m44.621s +3.393s 13
20 Finn Wiebelhaus 1m44.835s +3.607s 14
21 Edouard Borgna 1m45.498s +4.270s 12
22 Luca Savu 1m45.972s +4.744s 13
23 Yaroslav Veselaho 1m46.050s +4.822s 13
22 Frank Porte Ruiz 1m46.416s +5.188s 13
22 Andrei Duna 1m46.843s +5.615s 10
22 Hiyu Yamakoshi 1m47.224s +5.996s 7