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Barnard dominates FRME’s Kuwait finale after Antonelli is penalised

by Ida Wood

Photo: FRME

Taylor Barnard finally claimed an on-the-road Formula Regional Middle East win in the final race at Kuwait Motor Town, and did so in style.

The PHM Racing driver inherited a win last week after team-mate Joshua Dufek got disqualified, and this time he looked set for second place again until Mumbai Falcons’ points leader Andrea Kimi Antonelli got a penalty.

Antonelli had gone off the track on the run to turn two on the opening lap to pass Sami Meguetounif and Mari Boya for the lead, and that copped him a five-second penalty that was issued in the middle of the race.

The Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 junior was far up the road at that point, but he then started to be drawn in by Barnard.

Barnard had passed Meguetounif for fourth on lap two, then he moved ahead of Rafael Camara at turn three on lap six. He went off track on the run to turn two next time by as he defended third place from Camara, then on lap nine he passed Mari Boya for second on the same straight.

He immediately gapped himself from Boya, and started to bring down a lead Antonelli held that exceeded the margin he was to be penalised by.

Barnard got onto the rear of Antonelli on lap 15 of 17, and passed him halfway down the straight to turn two. Following that he then established a huge 6.435s lead before the chequered flag.

Antonelli’s penalty dropped him to fourth behind his team-mates Rafael Camara and Lorenzo Fluxa, while Boya dropped down to 10th late on.

Meguetounif finished fifth, holding off his charging Hyderabad Blackbirds powered by MP team-mate Joshua Duerksen late on, and Dufek took seventh from R-ace GP’s Martinius Stenshorne who lost places throughout the race.

Race result (17 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Taylor Barnard PHM Racing 30m58.707s
2 Rafael Camara Mumbai Falcons +7.753s
3 Lorenzo Fluxa Mumbai Falcons +8.150s
4 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Mumbai Falcons +11.435s
5 Sami Meguetounif Hyderabad Blackbirds +14.472s
6 Joshua Duerksen Hyderabad Blackbirds +14.903s
7 Joshua Dufek PHM Racing +17.131s
8 Martinius Stenshorne R-ace GP +18.553s
9 Matias Zagazeta R-ace GP +20.137s
10 Mari Boya Hyderabad Blackbirds +25.227s
11 Nikhil Bohra R-ace GP +28.803s
12 Levente Revesz R-ace GP +30.803s
13 Sebastian Montoya Hitech GP +31.286s
14 Rafael Villagomez Pinnacle VAR +31.788s
15 Nikita Bedrin PHM Racing +35.288s
16 Aiden Neate Prema +37.215s
17 Michael Shin Prema +37.871s
18 Cenyu Han R&B Racing +37.933s
19 Giovanni Maschio R&B Racing +43.933s
20 Ayato Iwasaki Pinnacle VAR +48.454s
21 Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak Pinnacle VAR +48.561s
22 Niels Koolen Pinnacle VAR +51.230s
23 Daniel Mavlyutov Hitech GP +56.462s
24 Zhongwei Wang R&B Racing +1m13.369s
25 Kirill Smal Mumbai Falcons +1m26.156s
Ret Brad Benavides Hyderabad Blackbirds
Ret Luke Browning Hitech GP
Fastest lap: Barnard, 1m48.166s

Championship standings
1 Antonelli 136   2 Barnard 92   3 Camara 83   4 Fluxa 68   5 Dino Beganovic 62   6 Bohra 59   7 Boya 53   8 Meguetounif 47   9 Villagomez 44   10 Neate 42